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Jan 30, 2011 07:28 PM

Where to find natural/fresh ginger ale in PDX ?

I had this incredible ginger ale at Momofuku in NYC. Where can I find it here ? It was called Bruce Cost ginger ale. Or maybe there is something similar here ? Just as good ? all natural with real fresh ginger. I loved the scratching in the throat, the spiciness...

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  1. Acccording to their website, you can't get it in Oregon:

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      Give Pizza A Chance, a cart on SW Stark between 4th-5th, has house made sodas with no HFCS, and usually have ginger.

    2. Happy to report that you can find Bruce Cost's Fresh Ginger Ginger Ale in Portland and Seattle area Whole Foods. The product website has not been updated to reflect new regions like Pacific Northwest or the Bay Area but you can check out the Facebook page (Fresh Ginger Ale) for updated info in the meantime. Enjoy!

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      1. I have not had it, must seek it out!

        I love Blenheim which is available around town - also VERY spicy. And I like Santa Cruz brand too.

        Cafe Castagna makes their own, as do a few other places in town.

        Cafe Castagna
        1758 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR 97214

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          Blenheim is fantastic: if you get the 'hot' flavor with the red/pink cap you are in for it. it is made in South Carolina near where I was raised, and I know they carry it at Pine State on Alberta... I'd love to know if you can get it by the sixer anywhere, as it can't be beat with a good rye or bourbon...

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            I bet it is amazing with rye (I am huge rye and ginger fan!). I haven't seen it in stores, though I haven't looked for it, oddly enough. I know they serve it at Victory Bar, and Migration Brewing, to name two... Will keep my eyes peeled at the high end stores for it. Bet it is sold in 4s and not 6s, though...just a guess.

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              A friend brought me an actual 6-pack of it from Pine State, but I think she had to pay full mark-up for them... alas! The hassles of importing from the east coast must be accounted for, I guess. I've always been looking for a comparable substitute because it's almost as difficult to locate in SC. Thanks JillO!