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Jan 30, 2011 07:23 PM

Smoked cream and smoked cream cheese?

A restaurant that emails the weekly menu, had this dish

"Cranberry bean soup with smoked cream and date compote"

As I was about to hit delete, I stopped and thought ... "exactly how do you smoke cream?" Wouldn't it go bad?

This blog smoked the cream with hay

There's a lot of refrences to smoked cream cheese ... which I can understand and it sort of sounds good. Here's a place selling bourbon-infused smoked cream cheese

Anyone smoking cream?

Have you ever tried smoked cream cheese?

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  1. You can add smoke to nearly anything with one of these:

    (or just add a couple of drops of liquid smoke).

    On Joan Roca's segment of the Harvard Science & Cooking series his brother Jordi demonstrated his technique for adding cigar smoke to ice cream.