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Jan 30, 2011 07:13 PM

Chicken that smells like chlorine bleach... is there any organic or local chicken that is NOT washed in bleach?

A few years ago.. similar post said ALL chicken, even organic is washed in bleach....

I am on a DETOX diet... are there any local butchers who do not wash in bleach... is it a law? Can they use SALT instead??

Does anyone know? Los Angeles County area?

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  1. do you really smell bleach? I make it a practice to smell everything and have never noticed a bleach smell. Or is it something you read about and are worried?

    If it was something I was concerned about I'd call the companies of chicken I'd otherwise find acceptable.
    Like Smart Chicken: (Vicente Foods among others
    )Rosie: (whole foods)
    Or Healthy Family Farms which is at some local farmers markets

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      I buy all of my chickens and eggs from Healthy Family Farms.

    2. You might try Kosher chickens. Some Trader Joe's carry the fresh Empire Kosher Brand.

      1. Personally I say hose it down in a 2 or 3 % chlorine solution if it's going to make it safer. But that kind of information should be readily available if you ask.

        Jidori is also from Los Angeles