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Jan 30, 2011 06:39 PM

Best sushi, biggest value, best taste in Vancouver... please post your favorites.

I know there gazillions of sushi places in and around Vancouver.
I used to have a favorite but it closed due to lack of business, bad area.
Great food, fresher than fresh, but owner and his wife went back home to Japan.
I keep looking for a great value as it's always my lunch meal, not dinner.
Anyone know of the best place with the greatest sushi with the most value?
Please post.......TIA

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    1. I know that Surrey hardly qualifies, but I checked out Tawara on Highway 10 as per a review in the Sun and was not disappointed. It is Korean owned and operated, but everything was fresh, the cooked items were very flavorful, and portions were surprisingly big. I can't stomach the BIG VALUE huge slabs of nominally fresh fish on hunks of mashed rice. But also can't pay out the arse for sea fresh fish on particle perfect rice beds either. This is the place that made me the happiest in a while.

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      1. re: toutefrite

        I went to Surrey once and only once for a cooking class.
        Scared the patooties out of me.
        So Surrey is out, but appreciate the help, thanks.

      2. I just had some "biggest value" sushi today! Sushi Zero One ( in downtown. I had their unbeatable "quarter pound uni bowl" for only $9.99. It's fresh local uni, probably the best you'll ever taste in your lifetime! I also had their hamachi don for less than $10. IMHO the best quality budget sushi place in Vancouver. I'm amazed at the freshness and value. Japanese-run, if that matters to you (it sorta does to me).

        For a proper sit-down place, I really like Shiro on Cambie. You can ask for the omakase and get plenty full for $25-30.

        Always room for improvement, but I think we really have it good here in Vancouver. Let's enjoy it while it lasts!

        Sorry, the uni bowl in the pic looks a bit gross cuz I tipped the bowls while riding transit home :/ But tasted great all the same.

        Zero One Sushi
        559W Pender St W, Vancouver, BC V6B1V5, CA

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          1. re: flowbee

            Uni bowl looks awesome! I don't see it on their on-line menu though? Is it a regular item?

            1. re: bdachow

              Probably lasts until the local uni season is over. They announce when they get fresh uni in on their twitter and facebook page. They've been getting it in almost daily, so it's a good bet they'll have it if you go there by early dinner time.

              1. re: flowbee

                Which gets me every other place in Vancouver buying the same local uni and charging regular price for it??

            2. My new favourite for lunch (since I work close by) is Juno.

              A new favorite for dinner - specifically the omakase - is Kimura. The omakase is $30 and it is just an amazing deal. So - not sushi per se (though his sushi is also quite good.)

              A bunch of 'hounds were there tonight. One of us will post about it in more detail soon.

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              1. re: fmed

                I second Kimura as a very good value for very good sushi. Their sushi specials are just as good as the omakase. I used to go just for the sushi specials before they introduced the omakase option.

                Hope to see the review of the $30 omakase soon. Very interested in how it compares to the $40 omakase I paid for. Probably heading to Kimura very soon and it would be nice to know what the difference is for paying an extra $10.

                Here's what a got for $40 for comparison:
                -Jellyfish Sunomono (Marinated Jellyfish, Cukes, Seaweed)
                -Live Uni (Saw Kimura San prepare it)
                -Blue Fin Carpaccio with a jalapeno sauce
                -Monkfish Liver on top of Mashed potatoe
                -Kobe Beef Carpaccio with tangy BBQ sauce
                -Cha-wan Mushi
                -Miso Soup
                -3 Yakitori skewers
                -3 Piece Nigri (scallop, Spicy tuna on top of pan fried rice cake, Unagi)
                -Green Tea Ice Cream

                1. re: moyenchow

                  The difference, I believe, is live uni. (ie $10 up-charge for the live uni). And to expand on the offerings - what we had last night is a completely difference set of dishes from what you had...and a completely different set yet again from an omakase from last week.

                  1. re: fmed

                    I've had the omakase twice in less than a week and concur with fmed -- the upcharge would be for the live uni. Our first "menu" was similar to yours though very little overlap. The one last night was more raw fish focused, though we did get the miso soup and a couple of cooked items. I'll try to post something more detailed soon but family issues are pressing...

                  2. re: moyenchow

                    Thanks for the feedback

                    I asked because the last time I went I was really full and I wondering if $30 would get you 8 dishes instead of the 10 dishes I got when I paid $40?

                    I was interested to see how Kimura san handles his omakase at different price points.

                    Does he send out the same number of dishes but with more expensive ingredients the more money you pay
                    does he offer the same ingredients but reduces the number of dishes according to the price point?

                    So I guess I'm asking how many dishes did you guys get for the $30 omakase?

                    I think 8 dishess would suit me perfectly. Looking forward to seeing your review, grayelf.

                    1. re: moyenchow

                      We got seven plus a couple of pieces of extra sushi and a black sesame ice cream for dessert. I was very satisfied but not overstuffed. Last night I didn't take pix so can't remember the number of dishes. Maybe fmed will chime in for that. Again it was the perfect amount of food.

                  3. re: fmed

                    Juno is my favourite as well. I realized I didn't pick mine on the other best sushi question and only criticized (Sakana). The ingredients at Juno are so fresh tasting and I love the fact that they try to use local and sustainable where possible. I also find that all the people working there are very warm/friendly. On a side note, they are always helpful and accommodating in preparing rolls for my daughter free of her allergens.

                    1. re: selena03

                      I go for lunch never dinner cause I don't have time, have to return to work.
                      So luncheon specials are always a plus.
                      I don't care about fancy or high ticket, just a good value for what my lack of sushi knowledge enjoys. I'm not a fancy sushi person, just the typical sushi faire for me is perfect. I do enjoy a salad and soup with tea to come with it if possible.

                      thanks all....

                      1. re: iL Divo

                        Tried Hitoe on 4th Ave twice last month-excellent both times service/food outstanding-a more than worthy successor to the late lamented Sushi Aoki.

                        Went once solo another time for a B'day-odd they don't have liquor license not sure I was getting the full story when they said it was 'very difficult' to obtain one.


                        1. re: Sam Salmon

                          odd they don't have liquor license not sure I was getting the full story when they said it was 'very difficult' to obtain one.

                          I think you may be on to something there

                          Has anyone gone into Yamato's on Davie and Seymore?