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Jan 30, 2011 06:31 PM

wine grape juice in small quantities?

I've got the crazy idea for making jelly out of wine grape juice. The problem? I can't seem to find small quantities (i.e. 6 cups) of the juice. Does anyone know of a wine ingredient supplier (or winery) who has smaller quantities available? Prefer GTA, but may be willing to do a drive.

also: would be willing to start from grapes as well. If you know of a good supplier for the grapes, but wouldn't require a large purchase, I'd appreciate it!

edited to add: if you happen to grow wine grapes (or have wine grape juice) and would be willing to sell me some, please let me know. I'd also be willing to do a trade where I get some grapes and you get some jelly!

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  1. Never bought just the juice before but your best bet will be to go into a supplier like Piazza Grapes or a place closer to you with your own container and see how much they will charge you to fill it up. 6 cups isn't very much at all, they normally deal in 5 gallon pail quantities (multiples of that). Or, you can buy yourself a case of grapes and crush them yourself in some rudimentary way and eat the rest :) (some of the varites are pretty tasty, even if they do have the seeds in them).

    I think the key is you need to figure out how much you are willing to spend and determine if what they want to charge you justifies it. Even if they normally don't deal in those quantities some cash on the side will probably get you what you need although if you get the right staff person they might just help you out for free at those quantities.

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      yeah, the large quantity is the main issue. The one place I talked to, not Piazza Grapes, only sold the large quantity of juice and wouldn't break one open for me :(

      as for grapes, sadly, there is no way my poor husband and I could finish off a case minus what I used for the jelly!

      thanks for the suggestion. I may give Piazza a call to see if they're open to the idea. I'd rather find out before I went out there!

      1. re: beadgalsarita

        Hmm.. yeah, definitely try a place that "crushes" there own one demand for people. This place that didn't want to break one open for you....sounds like they are getting the juice already crushed.... Good luck and please post back your results :)

        1. re: ylsf

          ahh yes, that would make a difference. Now to find a place that crushes grapes! smash! :)

          If I do get the juice, I will definitely reply. I'm sure there are other people would be interested in making their own wine grape juice jelly.