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Jan 30, 2011 05:57 PM

95 -- NC lunch stop -- meatless recs needed

I've searched the board for the drive-down-95 tips. There are some great ones, especially for Q. However, the southbound trip will be on a Friday in Lent -- which for us means meatless. Luckily the return will be on a day when we can take our pick of the BBQ recs.

But I'm hoping for some tips for seafood along the way for lunch, probably in the general Lumberton NC area.


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  1. There are some vege options in Fayetteville:
    but you'll have to get off the highway a little. Your other option is Cracker Barrell. There's one in Smithfeld.
    10 years ago I gave up giving up things for Lent for Lent. It's worked out great for me :D

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    1. Lumberton does have a Cracker Barrel. Their fried catfish is good!

      Also in Lumberton is Fullers, a bbq/Southern buffet place. There has always been fried fish on the buffet when I've been there. The buffet gets refilled frequently, so the fish stays hot and crisp. If you go, (not sure where you are from) be aware that many vegetables in the South are cooked with some meat. You can just order from the menu too, there are quite a few seafood options. They are just a few minutes off of I-95.

      1. Thanks all.

        It's good to know that Cracker Barrel is an option, but we have them up here too (NJ). I was hoping for something more local for a seafood choice.

        Thanks for the veg link.

        We're thinking of Fuller's for the trip home. I can't imagine being at a buffet and having to avoid most of the options because of meat! So we'll do it on a day when we can fully enjoy it.

        We still have a couple months -- I'm just thinking ahead -- that's part of the fun of the trip. So if you have any other suggestions, I'd appreciate it.

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          Fullers is not your best option for Eastern NC style BBQ. Its decent, but not rated high by those who are passionate about it....

        2. There's a Mayflower Seafood in Rocky Mount. It's a decent NC based chain.

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            Rocky Mount also has Madison Seafood. Better than Mayflower and locally owned and operated, with decent attempts at stepping outside of the fried seafood platter (which is at least a bit above average in it's own right). Quick trip from 95 to 64 E. to 301 S.

            Madison Seafood
            2181 Lawrence Cir, Rocky Mount, NC 27804

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              Will be driving ny to fla on 95 staying in rocky mount looking for great BBQ or other local favorites willing to drive

                1. re: dpw

                  The Summerton Diner in South Carolina serves great southern food, is definitely worth the detour and is easy to find. They don't take credit cards.