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Jan 30, 2011 05:30 PM

Laguiole Flatware -- Is the heavier weight worth it?

I'm seriously looking at the 25/10 Dubost versus the 15/10. Would anyone have any experience with either of these flatware sets? I already have a dozen Dubost 15/10 steak knives, and hand wash those, so I realize that I might be signing up for handwashing my flatware if I choose the 15/10. The seller claims that the heavier 25/10 is suited for the DW, but I am still not so sure I believe the seller. If anyone out there has any experience with either Dubost construction, or even the Barenthal, I'd love hearing your thoughts and recommendations. BTW, handles will be one of their plastics, not wood. My knives are ivory and black, so I am looking to match those. Thanks.

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