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Jan 30, 2011 05:23 PM

Callebaut Chocolate

I saw broken up blocks of Callebaut Chocolate- both unsweetened and bittersweet- in Fairway and was wondering if anyone ever inquired as to whether these are kosher? (They are wrapped in plastic with a Fairway label on them).

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  1. Some of their products are kosher certified. And their Alprose label has been Kosher-for-Passover certified for some time.

    1. once the chocolate is unpackaged, it is not considered under supervision anymore. They can use a knife to cut up non kosher chocolate into blocks or the knife can be used for other things. Also, unless you see the original packaging you cannot rely on previous runs. It has been rumored for a while that Callebaut may stop being kosher

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        Thanks! For some reason, I had forgotten about the knife/packaging issues. Too bad, because it's supposed to be really good quality chocolate (I was looking for something different for baking purposes..)

      2. If you live anywhere near Brooklyn (or can get there easily), there's a kitchen & gourmet ingredient store in Boro Park called Peppermill that used to sell blocks of Callebaut broken up. I would not go there without calling them to confirm that they still do this, and I haven't been there in about a year, so I'm not even sure they still do this, but it's a frum place (albeit without hashgacha on the store as a whole), so I'd be inclined to trust that the knife they use to cut it up is kosher. As always, though, AYLOR for advice on what you should do halachically.

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          Or else, team up with a friend and buy the whole block and cut it yourself. You will save a lot of money and chocolate stores well. By the way it is even less expensive in restaurant supply stores.

        2. All Calebeaut chocolates are certified by the OK. If you google it there is a big article from a year ago or so on their website.

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            If this is the case, SOME rabbis would probably rule that the knife used to cut it into blocks would not be of great concern. Chocolate is not "sharp," in the halachic sense, nor would any heat be used in the cutting up procedure. You certainly have to either ask your own rav or decide for yourself whether you are comfortable using this leniency, but many certainly do.