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Jan 30, 2011 05:23 PM

Lola's Commissary -- fantastic weekend brunch

I've mentioned Lola's in a couple of other discussions, but thought it deserved its own brunch thread. This is currently my favourite brunch in the city. The menu is fairly simple: 2 types of french toast (including a rather decadent stuffed version that I haven't been able to bring myself to order yet), a half dozen or so egg dishes (several versions of bennys and a couple of rancheros that are awesome) and a few savoury wraps.

Of equal importance is the fact that they make a fantastic cup of strong coffee (I'm guessing French press) and they SQUEEZE THEIR OWN JUICE ON SITE. For me to be able to get a glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice makes me incredibly happy.

I am totally in love with their egg rancheros. A crispy corn tortilla topped with two eggs, cheese (an aged white cheddar), black beans, fresh guacamole, fresh pico de gallo and a wonderful tomatillo salsa. Crispy, savoury and spicy, hot and cool. Yum. They also have excellent bacon. I'm not so keen on their "sexy potatoes" and just stick with the salad or fries instead. The omelettes are generous and bursting with fresh ingredients.

The prices are not cheap, but very reasonable for the quality and quantity (e.g., the side of bacon is $3 and comes with 5 slices of good quality bacon). Brunch for two has averaged $25, before tip.

I love the space -- it's bright and cheerful, with a little funky thrown in. Check out the trompe l'oeil painting they put on the building out the back window.

And it's a wonderful change to go to a quality brunch and not have to wait in line. They open at 10, and have never been more than half full when we leave at 11. Mind you, that is not necessarily great for them, which is one reason I do want to spread the word, though perhaps not so much that I ever have to fight for a table. :)

So if you're not in the mood to stand in line at Le Petit Dejeuner or School or the Mitzis or Aunties and Uncles, give Lola's a try. (note that the weekend hours on the website are wrong! they open at 10)

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  1. I have to agree with you TJ. Lola's is currently my favourite spot for brunch!!

    1. Their Eggs Lola are one of my fave brunch dishes in the whole city! Fresh, delicious, well-balanced and good size portions. I only have good things to say about Lola's Commissary, and yes, it is nice to not have to wait in line.

      1. Great props TJ we had brunch here again on Saturday and it was amazing. Went around 1 and had a short wait to get a table. Eggs Ranchero is my fave as well. The guac and salsa are mind blowingly awesome. Eggs Lola is a close second, anything with the ancho chicken rocks. Prices to me are super fair based on the quality of the food. The fresh juices are amazing and service is warm and on the ball.

        I also had lunch here in Thursday with a friend. They have a "wrap it up" special where all wraps are $9. We got two wraps and swaped halves. The Ancho Chicken wrap was excellent and had very fresh avacodo in it. For me the winner was The Calypso wrap which had a lightly breaded jerk chicken brest and was amazingly tasty. Wraps come with fries or a salad, or sexy potatoes. Not a bit fan of the sexy potatoes. It's a mix of regular and sweet potato hash browns but find them kind of mushy and lame. Their fries are amazing amazing and fresh cut.

          1. Back at Lola's this morning for another great brunch and took a photo of the eggs rancheros. I'm not sure whether I'm doing them a favour by posting a shot taken with my iphone, but what the heck, it still looks tasty to me. :)

            Oh, and I asked when it gets busy, and our waiter said "not until around noon".

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              I was also there this morning and had the rancheros. Excellent. I got there at 11 and it was not very busy (you were probably there when I arrived!), but it was full by the time I left just after 12 (but still no line up).

              1. re: joavka

                Just wanted to let people know that I was back for brunch again today (2nd time, as I was there last week for the first time) and they switched chefs as of yesterday. I did not have the rancheros, but my friend did, and they were similar, but not exactly the same as before. It was a smaller portion, with less pico de gallo, less sour cream and the beans were mixed in with the eggs. My friend said they were still good though (she was a big fan of the rancheros before). I had the mushroom benedict, which was quite good, but I cannot compare to the previous chef.