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Jan 30, 2011 05:20 PM

Pareve Whipping Creme

Has anyone tried the Mimic Creme Healthy Top? I have been looking for it in Whole Foods and Fairway, and haven't been able to find it. Alternatively, are there other pareve whipping cremes that are healthier than Rich Whip, Hadar Whip, etc. ?

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  1. Other than Healthy Top, I'm not aware of any other pareve "healthy" toppings out there. There are some good and pretty easy recipes, though. There is this one for vegan frosting which can be used as whipped topping:
    Also, I sometimes make a tofu whipped topping in a blender from a cup of soft tofu, 1/2 cup oil, and add sugar, lemon juice, vanilla and salt to taste. There are also recipes for cashew nut based toppings out there, but I have not tried to make them myself yet.

    1. Snackin' Good is an excellent parve whip cream that is sold in an aerosol container in the refridgerator section (like the dairy reddi whip) and in a tub found in the freezer section. I buy it in the Monsey supermarkets. These do not need to be whipped. They are ready to serve.

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        Thanks for the recipes; I am looking for a packaged one that I can keep in the freezer and use on a whim. Is the Snackin Good less artificial
        than the other kosher whips that I mentioned above?

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          We love the taste of it. Is it artificial tasting? I don't know. I just appreciate that it tastes like reddi whip, is an aerosol like reddi whip and is parve.

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            While I wouldn't agree totally that it tastes just like Reddi Whip, I agree it's not too bad. And it is convenient for shabbos. Definitely not less artificial than the others, though.

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            I've actually been making coconut milk whipped cream recently. It turns out really well, and you just keep the cans in the fridge until you're ready for them, though if you are short on time, you can freeze them. If you freeze them, it is supposed to be for 24 hours, but I've managed with a lot, lot less time than that. You're also supposed to freeze the mixing bowl and whip for 24 hours, though I don't know how necessary that really is. Again, I've managed on much less time. Like a couple of hours, max. Not exactly "on a whim" but pretty close, at least for me.

        2. I have yet to see Healthy Top in stores, but Amazon sells it. They're out of stock at the moment, but check back in a few days:

          I haven't tried it yet myself, so please do report back if you buy some!

          1. Mimicreme Healthy Top (and all the Mimicreme products) are available in Moishe's Discount Supermarket (325 Avenue M New York, NY 11230 - (718) 336-7563)

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              Just so you know, I was in the store yesterday and found a "light" version of the Snackin' Good and a dairy Land O Lakes aerosol. Other than those and the Reddiwhip, there was nothing else. You guys are always talking about the Mimi creme and I find it strange that I haven't seen it in N. Jersey or Monsey.

              1. re: cappucino

                I've never seen it anywhere . . . except in the box that arrives from Amazon! Mail order is the way to go so far with MimicCreme, at least until they have wider distribution.

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                  Just saw Mimic Creme in Glatt Express, Teaneck, this week.

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                    I finally found the MimicCreme in Gourmet Glatt (Cedarhurst). It whips up very quickly. The dessert just went into the freezer, but tthe unfrozen version tastes yummy! I plan to serve it for Shabbat dinner. I also saw (but didn't buy) the MimicCreme sweetened cream and their coffee creamer.

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                      Not just Glatt Express in Teaneck, but Stop and shop carries it in their "healthy" aisle. Maybe that's where other stores are hiding it as well.