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Jan 30, 2011 05:12 PM

George Street Ale House

New restaurant just opened in New Brunswick, and I'm wondering if anyone's been or heard things about it. I can't figure out if they are trying to go for the college age drink-fest or a slightly older crowd.

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  1. It's not totally clear to me either. For what it's worth, I'm mid 30s and wasn't uncomfortable with the crowd, but I went before 10 on a Friday and on a Sunday for a playoff game.

    The beer selection is pretty good but they do need to expand a bit more if they want to reach the beer connoisseurs. I tried the wings and the fried pickles and they were both good. The manager is very welcoming and informative. The service lacked follow up but wasn't terrible.

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      Thanks - I might try them for lunch one day (I work downtown). i know the chef came over from Stage Left so I'm thinking the food will be good. And it's nice to see a restaurant opening instead of closing in NB lately!

      Stage Left
      5 Livingston Avenue, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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        It was Sliders a week ago... New awning, same mediocre bar

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          Our group of 4 went here Saturday night before the Eric LeGrand fundraiser Saturday night.
          Hubby and I arrived early, about 4:45 and were immediately seated at a high top in the bar area as per our request. Our server was pleasant and full of information about the beers available for my husband.
          Looking over the menu there seemed to be some good options for dinner.
          When our friends arrived we all picked different things to order:
          Hubby went with fried pickles and steak chili.. Chili was spicy and good, with bite sized bits of steak throughout.
          Friends ordered crab was "good but not East shore of Maryland good". Fajita chicken salad...came presented in one of those tortilla bowls....filled to the brim although from my seat there seemed to be a lot of dressing on the salad. They were out of the fish and chips so our other friend ordered the pulled pork sandwich which was served with a side of fries. He ate every last bite so I'll take it he enjoyed it.
          I went with a regular dinner of the pork chop served over potato, cherry pepper and sausage. I requested the chop to be served on the rarer side and it came out to perfection.. Thick and juicy. the potato mixture came with a brown garlicy jus which was delicious. I'm not sure that the sausage, served with a pork chop, added to the dish but overall it was quite good.
          the general manager stopped by to make sure we were good and offered some interactive commentary with the boys about the different beers they were offering.
          when we left at about 7:15pm the place was packed and humming along,.
          I would certainly go back here again.