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tere's mexican?

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i drive past this restaurant on melrose sometimes and it's always packed and i saw a sign that says fresh tortillas. is it any good? what to get?

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  1. You are on a board that LOVES this place. Most everything is fresh and good: tacos, ceviche, great chile rellanos, horchata. Cheap, nice owners, the whole package. Best for lunch or a casual dinner.

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      I wouldn't say it's cheap at all. $9 for my chicken nachos... is that cheap? or is that going rate?

      1. re: Renee

        Going rate for a dish of quality. You could pay more at a chain...

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          Tere's is relatively on the high side for a taco joint, but the food is very good. It's not the most comfortable place to eat in because of the lack of space.

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            But the food is quite good, yet to me not a dining in for dinner kind of location - lunch would be fine.

      2. Their chili relleno burrito is excellent.

        1. Tere's is my favorite place in the my neighborhood. I agree w/David that the chile relleno burrito is excellent. The chile relleno is also great on its own. Their fish tacos (made w/sole) are awesome, and the guacamole is some of the best I've ever eaten. The owners are very nice, and the prices are decent. Needless to say, I'm a big fan of Tere's.

          One bit of advice, call ahead and order take-out if you don't want to wait as they get busy and the wait can be long.

          Tere's Mexican Grill
          5870 Melrose Ave
          Los Angeles, CA 90038-3700
          (323) 468-9345

          1. good fresh basic style food that is prepared fresh and with care. the chile relleno is perpared everyday and fried when ordered, which shows in the clean flavors and lack of greasiness. Lunch and drink around 10.00 most times Ive been there. Good deal.

            1. I eat there once a week. Great fresh mexican food and very friendly staff.

              I usually order the chile relleno burrito or vegetarian burrito

              Link: http://www.tacohunt.blogspot.com

              1. On way to haircut yesterday, I stopped for lunch at Tere's Mexican restaurant at Melrose & Cahuenga where my initial thought was to get a chile relleno burrito($6.25) which I have had in the past and which is one of my favorite items in any Mexican restaurant, ever.
                Resisted, however, as Pork Posole was a special, as I believe it is on weekends, and so I ended up having that. Boy was that good, yet for $7.75.
                Bad news: they are closing for the holidays after today, and not re-opening again until January 8 or 9.

                1. Carter, thanks for the heads-up. I've been dreaming of stopping for the cile relleno burrito all week, and haven't had the chance. Today's the day! Then I start my diet........

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                    I love their chile verde burritos...and the eggs and chorizo.

                  2. I think they're closed on Sundays

                    1. My favorite dishes at Tere's are the enchiladas fish, enchiladas michoacanas, the mechudas and the sopa fideo. Yet another wonderful aspect of their menu is that they serve breakfast all day.
                      Tere's closes twice a year for ~ 2 weeks at a time around Christmas/New Years and towards the end of summer. Even though I miss them when they are gone - it makes the return meal all the better.

                      1. I just got back from there and yes, they are closed on Sunday's. I'm devastated! I was craving that chile relleno burrito.

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                          Try the Tere's Specialty. Everything is good there, but that is my favorite.

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                            The pork en chile verde dinner or pork burrito are my favourite things at Tere's. I like their burritos much better than their tacos.

                        2. Is this place heading downhill? I used to go a lot more often a few years ago (like, when this thread was alive), but I stopped in today and paid around $7.95 for a terrible burrito. Chile verde. I remember this as good here. Meat was totally dry. It was actually mainly rice. A few beans, and lots of bag-salad lettuce (with the telltale red cabbage slivers - yikes), and a mayo-like crema. I was famished so of course I finished it up, but I can't say I'll be back.

                          I've really liked their enchiladas, and maybe it was just an off day. Chips (homemade) were great.


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                            That chile relleno burrito is always a good reason to return, maybe in about 10 days when I get my hair cut nearby. Still a favorite, yet in memory of the moment.