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Jan 30, 2011 04:11 PM

A place on Long Island to hold a 70th birthday party

I'm looking for a place in Nassau County to have a 70th birthday party for my mother. Could be either renting out the whole place if it's small enough, or a private room (but has to be private).

All I see are the Crabtree Restaurant (name?), which seems to have a set menu for parties (doesn't seem very imaginative), Peter Luger's (my mom is not that into steak), and maybe one or two other places whose names escape me right now (Stella's in Floral Park?).

Open to different cuisines but Italian seems to predominate so far in my search (which is fine, just haven't found the right place yet).

Any suggestions? The group would be around 20 people max, I'd say, maybe 30 wth kids included (oh yes, has to be kid-friendly).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Conti's, Il Bacco, Il Tosacano all in Douglaston/Great Neck area. They're Italian, but they're good.

    Waterzooi in Garden City is a great Belgian bistro with great mussels. I'm sure they can find a nice area for a party in their space.

    Novita is a wine bar/trattoria in Garden City that is great.

    263 Park Ave, Rochester, NY 14607

    1. Mim's in Roslyn might be a good option. They do a lot of parties and have good food, lots of options for everyone.

      1. Tesoro's in westbury is good italian with a nice private room.

        1. 20 years ago we had my Mom's 70th at the Milleridge in. Many kids, infants included, but everyone was quite happy. They have lots of private room options.
          Happy birthday to your Mom!

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            I have not eaten at the Millerage lately, but they definitely have a bunch of nice private rooms.

            It is a really nice venue and excellent for a 70th BD.


          2. Out of all the restaurants mentioned below, and I've been to all of them except for Tesoro's, I would pick your original choice Stellas for your Mom's party. Ilsa is the lady who runs the place, and the waiter of choice for your party would be Kenny, who is excellent. Happy Birthday Mom! --Don