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Jan 30, 2011 03:46 PM

Banh Mi in Fort Myers area?

I hope this hasn't been discussed too much before (I tried to find previous posts about the subject).

Is there anywhere to get a banh mi in the Fort Myers/Cape Coral/ Naples area?

I've found places with Pho, but not my current favorite sandwich...

If there is a place that sells them- what varieties do they have (pork, ham, pate,etc.)?

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  1. I think Saigon Paris near Bell Tower has that on their lunch menu. It's not called Banh Mi on the menu. I've never had it since I've never been there for lunch and it's not on their dinner menu.

    1. Had one at Siagon paris and was disappointed. Food Truck can not remember name is said to have a good one.

      1. Truck is called Nosh /they have a web site.