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Cooking spaghetti in beef broth?

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Hi all!

is spaghetti (for just a typical spaghetti with meat sauce dish) good if it is cooked in beef broth? does this add any flavor? any tips?

a friend once told me "if something calls for water, use broth it will be much better". Just wondered if this applied to spaghetti as well!


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  1. The traditional method for cooking pasta is to use salted water. Additional flavor is added via the sauce. Good broth will add flavor, but good broth is a valuable kitchen commodity; it seems wasteful to use it for cooking pasta. Having said that, no bolt of lightning will come out of the sky if you experiment.

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      Haven't done it but agree on the waste factor. I think the spaghetti sauce would obliterate whatever flavor the pasta brings to the dish. A more appropriate use for the flavored pasta would be dishes like pasta primavera or chow fun. If I were to cook pasta in broth/stock, I'd plan to use what unabsorbed stock remained to make soup. It should have some thickening ability after having pasta cooked in it.

      1. re: greygarious

        Good points.

        I'd use chicken broth before beef broth, I think.

    2. Why not try it and report back on your results?

      1. I often cook spaghetti in broth or red wine, it's really tasty.