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Parmigiano Reggiano left out of fridge

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Last night I found a block parm in a bag with some onions purchased last week. I think on Wednesday. Will this parm be ok to eat? Thanks so much. You chowers are always such a help!

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    1. It sat out in a room for months aging...you just gave it a little extra!

      1. yes indeed. in france (and i am not one of those mindless francophiles) they never refrigerate cheese. cheese was how people in pre fridge days kept milk from spoiling

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          l am a mindless francophile, and getting more mindless as we speak, and keep cheese in a screened box outside my window, thus no worries.

        2. It'll be fine. Cheese was invented to preserve milk - it's been used to sitting around centuries before fridges were invented.

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            Thanks everyone for your prompt replies! I knew I could count on you!!

          2. It'll be fine -- if you buy the real thing from a good store, it's rarely if ever in the refrigerated section.

            1. One thing to add to the chorus of "it's fine." This is a tip from the Volpetti brothers, super cheese vendors here in Rome. They vacuum pack cheeses for travel all the time and know they'll be out of the fridge for a while; they advise putting the package in the fridge for a day or so before opening so that anything that has liquefied has a chance to solidify again. (Of course then you have to take it out again so you can serve it at room temperature.)

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                A very sensible tip. I travel to France quite often and usually visit a large supermarket near the ferry port before leaving for home. It can often be nearly 24 hours before cheese is back in a fridge. Never had a problem - although I do always just buy vac-pac products, to be on the safe side. Car's been a bit smelly on occasions though.