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Jan 30, 2011 12:38 PM

Cilantro at Jay's Jayburgers

Looks like there is yet another new restaurant at the old Jay's Jayburger stand at Virgil and Santa Monica, this time a Mexican place called Cilantro. Anyone been?

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  1. Just came back from Cilantro with 4 tacos, 2 asada and 2 carnitas. The carnitas looks incredible-each piece of pork spans the entire taco. It's not chopped up any more than it has to be, but unfortunately the flavor doesn't match the appearance. It's rather bland.

    The asada? DAMN. Best f-ing asada I've had in the area. Better than El Gran Burrito, better than that truck over by the 101 that Bandini loves, better than Taco Zone on Echo Park (which pains me to say....I love that asada). I haven't finished my food yet-one bite and I had to get on Chowhound to see what was up about this place. I will now return to my remaining orgasmic asada taco.