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Jan 30, 2011 12:27 PM

A Croissant from The Bakery Formerly Known as "The Buttery"

Best croissaint - by far - that I've ever had in L.A. was at The Buttery - which was on Main in the Ocean Park area of Santa Monica. The croissants were, as one would expect, very buttery with a crispy flaky, perfect exterior. Fantastic. Hard to not eat, say, five or six.

Unfortunately, they're gone. Does anyone know who owned that place? Have they set up shop somewhere else?

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  1. I'm a long-time friend of the owner of the former Buttery Bakery. The owner closed the bakery over a decade ago, changed professions, and has now moved out of state. I miss those croissants,too. I ate a many of them for well over a decade. I haven't found any, outside of Paris, that have even come close.

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      Thanks for the response! They made the best, went out of business and changed professions? Kinda tragic.

      Although I've had great croissaints in Paris (expecially in a baker in St. Germain Des Pres) Best croissaints I've had since were at the breakfast table at the hotel L'Albererta in Erbusco Italy. (that is likely run by Gualtiero Marchesi's )*** restaurant). But as you know, there are great croissaints in Paris.

      Has anyone tried the croissants at Maison Giraud?

      1. re: foodiemahoodie

        It wasn't like the business tragically went out of business. It was a family business and it was time to close and move on in life and do other things. The owner had come out of another profession to open the Buttery. I talked with the owner about a year and a half ago, I think it was, and before the move, as we've been friends since the bakery first started back in the 80s.

        As for croissants in Paris, the best that I have had were at the bakery on the rue de Buci, north side of the street, and between rue de Gregoire du Tour (sp?) and rue de Seine. It was a small place and across the street from where the big, Paul's bakery is now. I'm not a fan of Paul's bakery at all. They are all over the city like a chain. So, if I want a croissant now, I'll go all the way to Poilâne.

        I last saw my rue de Buci bakery in the summer of 2009, but when I returned in the spring of 2010, it was gone. I had my last croissants there in spring 2009. The neighborhood businesses are going through a metamorphosis and not all for the best. I've stayed in that neighborhood since the late seventies.

        Both my rented vacation apartment and the two hotels that I used to stay in, are a 2-minute walk from where the rue de Buci bakery was. So, it was easy to zip over there for croissants. I had been getting my croissants there for more than twenty-five years.

        Where is Maison Giraud? Is that the bakery on rue de Seine, south of Blvd. St.Germain, on the west side of the street, and right before rue St. Suplice? If it is, then I've had croissants there and I like the Buttery's croissants, the rue de Buci bakery's croissants, and Poilâne's better. Or maybe I'm mixing up Maison Giraud with another bakery as there are so many of them.

        1. re: foodolicious

          >>So, if I want a croissant now, I'll go all the way to Poilâne.<<

          You may want to inquire about those at Le Zinque on Venice and Abbot Kinney. I know for sure the owner imports bread products from Poilâne twice a week...

          1. re: bulavinaka

            Thanks for the info and when I'm near Abbot Kinney, as that's 30 miles from me, then I'll definitely check it out.

        2. re: foodiemahoodie

          The croissants, baguettes and all the pastries at Maison Giraurd are delicious. Definitely worth checking out.

          1. re: budlit

            Where is that bakery in Paris? Is that the one on rue de Seine? I just spent quite a while googling and it didn't pop up. The only thing that popped up was one in Pacific Palisades. I googled both in English and French.

            1. re: foodolicious

              maison giraud is in LA, pacific palisades.
              1032 Swarthmore Ave
              Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

              1. re: namstermonster

                Oh, OK. Thanks. I thought that Maison Giraud was in Paris as poster ,foodiemahoodie, above had listed it under the conversation on Paris.

                The Parisien bakery that I was thinking that Maison Giraud was is actually the following bakery that's on rue de Seine, south of Blvd. St. Germain and right near rue St.Suplice.


                1. re: foodolicious

                  Also - the butter croissants at The Farm's bakery in the Brentwood Country Mart are pretty close to those at The Buttery. (they're better than they were six months ago they were good, but a little on the greasy side. Now - at least today - they're close to perfection.)

                  1. re: foodiemahoodie

                    I've had The Farm's croissants. But, I used to go to the one in Topanga Westfield Mall (now closed), the one at The Grove (now very recently closed as I was just at The Grove again this past Sunday and noticed), and then I also go to the original one in Beverly Hills. But, the croissants at those Farms weren't like the Buttery's. The recipe for the Buttery's croissants was in Gourmet magazine many years ago, as I cut it out. Those croissants were so good until Gourmet contacted the owner to have it printed in their magazine.

                    1. re: foodolicious

                      Sorry, I made a mistake, it isn'"The Farm", but Farmshop.


                      I don't think this place was ever at the Topanga Westfield Mall.

                      1. re: foodiemahoodie

               The is The Farm that I'm talking about and thought that you were referring to. It's been around for about 15 years. I've never heard of FarmShop.

                      2. re: foodolicious

                        The croissaints were good until Gourmet printed the recipe? Then they stopped being good?

                        1. re: foodiemahoodie

                          Huh? I was just saying that the croissants were so good until Gourmet asked to print the recipe as there were people who wanted to try to make them at home.

        3. I remember the place. They had great truffles too.....that was a long time ago

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          1. re: budlit

            The Buttery had without the doubt, the best chocolate chips cookies I have ever eaten. I miss them greatly, even to this day. If anyone remembers them, and knows where to get one that is even close, let me know.

          2. They have great croissants and amazing pain au chocolat aat "La Conversation" on Doheny. It is just above Santa Monica on the BH/ WH border. They even have fresh gougere (pate au chpux baked with frigate cheese.)

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            1. re: Poisonpen

              Yes, La Conversation has always had excellent croissants.They were always my second favorite croissants. I started buying baked goods from them in the early 80s when they first opened on Hillhurst, 2 blocks south of Los Felix. I've been to the Doheny location several times. However, when they moved to Doheny, I stopped going as much due to the not- convenient parking situation in that neighborhood.

              1. re: foodolicious

                Greetings Foodolicious, from Sherman Oaks! This morning something stirred up once again in me, regarding The Buttery in Venice. My husband and I love to do the Venice beach walk thing whenever we can, and did so on Christmas day. Very different vibe for this day, and quite fun. Anyway, we got to talking about The Buttery, and a recipe I've been trying to nail since our 20's....we are now 59! If you are inclined to read my Chow profile, I would love to send an email your way. Thank you,Jeff

            2. My stepmom lived nary a block from The Buttery when I was growing up, and I always loved their gingerbread. What I wouldn't give for the recipe or to have that tasty cube of wonderful again! I miss that place.

              1. Wow, what a great blast from the past! I ate many a croissant from The Buttery -- even though it's been a decade or so since I last had one of their beauties, your post triggered a strong sense memory and salivary response in me. The bottom of those perfect.

                I deeply miss the old Main Street establishments; and The Buttery is one of my most-missed places.