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Jan 30, 2011 11:21 AM

New Market in Burbank

"Olive & Thyme" opens at the corner of Pass and Riverside 1 Feb. Last night while walking home from dinner, my wife and I stopped to look in the windows, and were invited in by the owners who were working with a couple of other staff. They told us about their plans for wine and cheese tastings, beers they'll have, and food to be served. Looking forward to this charcuterie/cheese/beer and wine shop opening fully.

Can't tell you how long we've wished a place like this would open in our neighborhood.

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  1. Wish I still lived in Toluca Lake but guess what, I'm only 5 miles further away. This really sounds like it may become a destination point for those of us who live in the valley or Burbank. I like the idea of good charcuterie with wine or in some instances beer (really a wine lover). I also like the venue. Will be watching for this place to open and it would be nice if you see it open that you post it to the board. Thanks, have a dry Sunday (washed my car yesterday).

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    1. According to a couple of Twitter updates, there will be samplings and tastings on February 1st.

      1. There is a new gluten-free market opening soon about a block east of Porto's on Magnolia.

        1. Went to Olive & Thyme today and seems the owners were clairvoyant; it was packed!

          Very similar to Sweet Salt, but in a much bigger space with a well thought out wine/beer list, bakery items, cheese, charcuterie, high-end pantry items and serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

          I asked the owner/manager (?) for their best sandwich and she told me to order the "jambon".
          This is a panini pressed sandwich with taleggio cheese, ham and a sweet fig spread. Expecting a green salad as a side, instead, the sandwich was accompanied by two cornichon. Count 'em, two.

          There was a fairly generous portion of cheese, but only a single slice of ham; portion size definitely needs to be increased to stand up to the pungent taste of the cheese and considering the price tag is $12.60 (including tax).

          It took close to 20 minutes to get my sandwich which is a little long, but they just opened so I'm sure they are working out the kinks.

          Overall, this wasn't a standout first experience and it's pricey, but I'm still curious and would go back to try another item.