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Jan 30, 2011 10:32 AM

Dining near Gloucester Road Tube? [London]

We'll be staying at a hotel near this tube station. We'll be travelling and eating in all areas. However, does anyone have suggestions for restaurants near our hotel for the times that we're feeling tired or lazy?

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  1. I used to stay in that area years ago, and I think most of my suggestions would be outdated by now. One place that comes to mind is the good, weekend buffet at The Bombay Brasserie. Probably, people who are in that area a lot more than I am will have some other suggestions. South Kensington is just around the corner (or one Tube stop), and there are lots of restaurants there including La Buchée, which a friend of mine likes a lot. Take a look down Brompton Road.

    1. Thanks. I'll look at Brompton Road.

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      1. re: 28glen

        I don't know if you've ever been to London before, but if not.. it's very easy getting around the city. You will be very close to some wonderful restaurants in the Kensington area... Launceston Place and Min Jiang for excellent Chinese food.

        1. re: zuriga1

          Thanks again for your help. We were in London 15 years ago with small children, so our options were a little more limited. I'm looking forward to it - we'll be there the last week in February.

      2. I live very near Gloucester Road tube station and rarely eat nearby due to a dearth of good options. That being said there are a few places I go semi-regulalrly.

        (1)Nando's (really annoying and mediocre but close Chicken restaurant which has ok food on its best days, and pretty bleh food on its worth),
        (2)Beirut Express (decent Lebanese from the Maroush family of restaurants; good for a schwarma sandwich)
        (3)La Bouche (very nice french brasserie with a very good dinner special before 7 I think)
        (4)Star of India (great indian restaurant -- highly recommended)
        (5) Tartine (a bit further past South Kensington station but very good and lively sandwich restaurant)
        (6) Aubaine (as above)
        (7) No. 10 chinese in Earls Court (good sichuan food)
        (8) Da Mario Pizza (pizza isn't London's strong point but I like this)
        (9) Khob Khun (thai restaurant; very bleak inside but the pad thai can be amazing; eat other dishes at your discretion)
        (10) Pain Quotidian (near S. Ken station; bread, soups, sandwiches)

        Good luck!

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        1. re: brokentelephone

          star of india - great indian restaurant?! really?! up market frenchifying is how most of us indians see it, but then what would we know.

          1. re: howler

            I've never been to India so I'll accept from your comment that the food isn't authentic/regional, but as far as food quality and preparation goes I've rate it quite highly.

            I think it was that Reza Mohammad dude's intention to frenchify so don't hate baby dont hate!

            1. re: brokentelephone

              oh i actively hate frenchified indian cuisine. i could accept it if there were many representatives of the singing regional cooked at home cuisines, of which there must be well over a couple of hundred? thousand?

              fresh, vibrant, minimally spiced, working with the ingredients, mainly vegetarian ..

              instead, what do we get? a restaurant cuisine (moghlai) even more primped up and gussified. a pox on them all.

              1. re: howler

                A bit of a digression, but it's worth checking out the Mauritian-styled seafood at Chez Liline near Finsbury Park. Not so much Frenchified Indian, but classical French technique with a whole range of Indian, SE Asian and African influences, cooked so well and so seamlessly, one would think they have been doing these dishes for centuries.

                For example, marinated slices of (what I thought was) snapper, dressed in luxuriant oil, the raw intensity of the fish cut by gorgeous coriander leaves (and perhaps other herbs) as well as by a savoury and vinegary acidity. Or remarkably tender octopus in a sauce of cream balanced with tomato, along with a bold but intricate spicing. Superb pickles with perfectly grilled fish (marlin, sea bass, salmon) in a tomato based sauce. Scallops perked up with a slaw of spicy mango (just slightly green for the right level of sweet//sour). etc. etc.

                Nothing wrong with fusiony approaches, but it's got to be done right, and usually it's not.

                1. re: limster

                  as usual, limster is the voice of reason.

                  when tamilian cuisine collides with indigenous cooking in singapore, mauritius and in latter day dubai, wondrous dishes result.

                  for example, i ate some deeply delightful dishes in bangalore a few years ago, dishes evocative of karnatakians homesick for the middle east.

                  but that is fusion born in the crucible of necessity. what the frenchifiers do is self conscious, and fake. its an attempt to upmarket an cuisine that doesn't need to be.

                  1. re: howler

                    I tend to agree; fake food never tastes as good as the real stuff.

          2. re: brokentelephone

            Is there still a Mongolian place across Cromwell Road? I remember going there years ago, and it was a lot of fun. I can't remember the food at all. :-)

            1. re: zuriga1

              nope, no mongolian as far as i know, more's the pity.

              1. re: howler

                Well, my meal there was a long time ago. I wonder if there are any such places left in London. One choice their own meat, veg, spices etc. and a guy wokked it all up. I had never seen anything quite like it except in Arizona of all places.

          3. there is so much to choose from, you'll be spoiled for choice.

            at the high end, as zuriga mentions, min jiang in the royal garden hotel for superlative duck, dumplings (check out limsters posts) and launceston place, particularly for lunch. the bombay brasserie, right behind gloucester road tube, has a superb lunch buffet on weekends. for 20 odd quid, you'd be hard pressed to find proper (mainly north indian) food as good as this.

            for less schmancy options, there is jakobs on gloucester road for delicious armenian dishes, with lots of great veg choices and a couple of doors down from jakobs is a very nice italian deli. actually, a better italian deli is la piccola dely on stratford road, which is a 5 minute walk from you. opposite is chez patrick, which is a very competent and enjoyable little french restaurant, a bit of a local secret.

            near south ken tube station is the cheap but extremely delicious bosphorus kebab house which sells er turkish kebabs. hard to spend over 7 pounds a head. around the corner is brindisa, which is a smart tapas place and daquise, which has been taken over by gessler (warsaw) and gets rave review for its food. again, check out this board for reviews.

            theres sichuan at no 10 hogarth place, but the main chef is in china and won't be back till march. still pretty good. and i would certainly take the 5 minute cab ride to go eat at mohsen, an iranian on warwick road.

            finally, if you like artisanal chocolate - the most amazing chocolatier has arrived at the ottoemezzo deli on thackeray street. it's close to you, but a bit tricky getting to it, so make sure you have a good map.

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            1. re: howler

              Thank you, thank you for all the knowledgeable replies! As long as I have an audience, my birthday will on the Sunday we're there. What do you think about Launceston Place for that meal?

              1. re: 28glen

                they only do sunday (typically a roast) lunch as far as i can remember (edit: no i'm wrong - i just looked at their website, they have dinner as well). its not the regulat 20 quid lunch deal, but it'll still be very reasonable and should be marvelous. that neighborhood (ok its mine) on a sunday is like being in a long lost london of a century ago. it is very, very special and i think you will enjoy it very much.

                also, look up their website and see if it floats your boat. where are you from originally?

                1. re: howler

                  I'm from the U.S. (New Jersey). We're looking forward to eating/walking/looking in all neighborhoods. That looks like a great place for my birthday. Thanks so much for your suggestions!

              2. re: howler

                Regret to say that Min Jiang no longer serves the superlative Shanghai style shumai (and neither does the main branch in Singapore, but that's another board). The xlb is still as good as ever, as are the puffy flaky crust of the egg custard tarts, and the wonderful texture of the translucent crab dumpling skins - delicate and chewy. The new thai-styled pandan chicken is skippable, pleasant but not great. I still need to go there for the duck.

                1. re: howler

                  Want to add a vote for the pansit bihon at the Lutong Pinoy, but haven't been in ages. Any updates anyone?

                2. Great suggestions here, the only places I see that are missing are:
                  - Wodka (Fab Polish restaurant just down the street from Launceston Place)
                  - Bumpkin (Mod British cuisine - I hear mixed things about it for jumping on the bandwagon of British Farm Foodieness, but the food is really good, great wine list, etc and I can't think of any other place in the area that serves anything similar.
                  - Noor Jahan: Though Star of India is good, I think it is really expensive for only being good not great, go to Noor Jahan (just around the corner from Star of India) instead. The walk through the residential streets to get to Noor Jahan from GR is a lovely walk (when GR ends turn right and Noor Jahan is at the end of the next street on your left), be sure to stroll the neighborhood to walk off your full belly.
                  - I usually avoid pubs nearest the tube station, but The Stanhope Arms pours a good pint. Also one of the few places in the area that can't be accused of being poncy. Mixed crowd, quite a few tourists though but the people watching is priceless. I haven't eaten there (can't eat gluten and their menu is gluten rich), but it is apparently better than most for standard pub far. This isn't a gastropub though, it is just a boozer that serves food.


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                  1. re: YummaYum

                    i'm sorry to dissent, but noor jahan is an absolute bog standard bangla run curry house.

                    1. re: YummaYum

                      Wodka is pretty good; I do like Daquise more though.

                      Wodka Restaurant
                      12 St Albans Grove, London W8 5PN, GB