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Jan 30, 2011 09:27 AM

Need to make a tadpole shape to fit on develed eggs. What food can I use?

This is for an Oscar party and the shape should be tadpole (sperm) like.


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  1. How about a stiff, black jello, set in a thin sheet, and then cut into the desired shape?

    1. Do you ever see micro greens where you are? The super tiny ones, that come in a clam box at Whole Foods?
      They resemble this shape a bit.
      Or you could take some of the filling, change the color a bit and pipe it on with a small pastry tip.
      What's the sperm theme for?

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      1. re: rabaja

        The Kids Are All Right? Funny idea. I wonder if you could stick on some pasta for a tail. Nah.. Hmmm. Maybe someone else will have a brilliant idea.

      2. I really like the micro greens idea.... easy and good. My thought BEFORE i heard that one was capers with little strips of scallion soaked in ice water until they curl

          1. Rehydrated black fungus? Would be a nice texture for trimming to shape.