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Jan 30, 2011 08:19 AM

7 Layer Cake

I used to get 7 layer cake from a New York bakery called Cake Masters (a long time ago). Does anyone know if there is anywhere where I can get a similar piece of heaven? What I am looking for is the same rectangle slice of cake with a hard (possibly semi-sweet) chocolate exterior and the yellow cake and mocha cream layers. I have gotten "icing covered" 7 layer cake from several places and they just don't taste the same. I currently live in Greensboro,NC so I would need to find a place that can ship. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!!!

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    The above like most from kosher bakeries hard icing and is pareve (no dairy product) and is less appealing than what Cake Masters used to make.

    The below link is to Juniors of Cheesecake fame. Their non-kosher (under no supervision that I know of) seven layer cake is more traditional with the creamy milk chocolate fudge type icing.

    Good luck finding one you like. Very few bakeries today make a good seven layer cake as it is very labor intense. Baking the sponge, weighting it down to compress, making and spreading the mocha cream, and fibally icing.

    Having started my working life in the kosher baking business, it's second nature to me. So,about 3x per year I make about 12 for the freezer at home. Also make checkerboard cakes. I prefer the fudgy frosting to the hard shell bittersweet exterior.

    1. If there's a supermarket with a kosher department in your area, look there. The Zomick's cake that bagelman mentioned is what you're looking for. There's other brands also- the one that comes to mind is Beigels.

      Zaro's in NYC also makes a 7 layer cake, but theirs has dairy in it. They definitely ship, but it might be very expensive.

      1. Are you maybe referring to a Chocolate Dobash cake? I have had one of these every year for my birthday for the last 25 or so years. (not affiliated with these people, just a fan) You can order here:

        1. The ancestor of the once-standard NY-area seven layer cake (at least standard in Germanic bakeries) is the Dobosh Torte:

          You might have luck searching for the variations on that, as the seven-layer cake is not necessarily as universal.

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            Thanks for all the quick responses. I will follow up on these.