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Good spots to buy nuts in Montreal?

Have been buying cashews and pecans at Akhavan in NDG, and sometimes going for the flavoured nuts from the nut guy in Atwater Market. I have also heard good things about a little wholesale place near Marche Central. Can anyone recommend other good spots for nuts in the Montreal area? Looking for the elusive price:quality ratio.

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  1. If you truly want the great price vs quality, you have to cut out the middle man and go tot the big warehouses. Unfortunately, those are not in the downtown or Plateau area. Do you own a car?

    If you do, we get it directly from the source retailer: Bassé Nuts. It's on the 440 West, between Cure-Labelle and Aut. 13. The exact listed address is 4555 Avenue des Bois.
    They carry alot of nuts by weight but also some imported goods like olives, dried fruits etc...

    There is also Amira 5375, boulevard Henri-Bourassa Ouest. Same idea.

    There is another, the competitor to Bassé but i forgot it's name.

    Otherwise, Akhavan and other markets will have things at good prices and the same quality as they get their stuff from these wholesalers. Only the price varies.

    Amira Restaurant
    344 Rue Principale, Granby, QC J2G2W4, CA

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      I second Akhavan. I find their nuts fresher than any I have ever tasted, including Basse.

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        interesting. never tried their nuts. Where is the one you talk about located?

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          Idk who their provider is (it's not Tootsi i can tell you that) but they are much better at Basse then Akhavan. This comming from my Iranian father who knows the akhavan owners =P

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          Hi i work at Amira, just wanted to clear the address with you, 5375 Henri Bourassa, thats our head office, our Cash & Carry store which is open to the public is located infront of the central market on l'Acadie. 1445 Mazurette Mtl H4N 1G8.

        3. Maybe someone can asnwer this. Isn't there one specialized in nuts and dried fruits on Mont-Royal street? Someone mentionned this before but can't find the post on it.

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            there's a "sort of" en vrac place on Mt Royal... can't remember the name. I've only been a couple of times but I was looking for spices not nuts and they sucked... big time. But like I said... I wasn't looking for nuts.
            One thing Mont Royal needs is an awesome en vrac spice, nuts, grains place.... something like Anatols.

          2. Checking the link to the map of my last post and we can officially say that this part of city is NUTS TOWN

            there's this place also that I never went to that have nuts, spices, grains. maybe someone can comment
            Kesra Trading Inc
            1415, Rue Mazurette, Montréal, QC H4N 1G8
            (514) 388-8003 ‎

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              Turns out this pace is not just a NUTS place it's a cash and carry wharehouse with goods from egypt ant middle east. They have a large selection of SPICES also. I wasn't impressed with the nuts selection and display but what a great discovery for spices.
              their name is

              the address 1415 doesn't seem to exist but just next door you have 1445
              Address: 1445, Mazurette
              Montréal, QC H4N 1G8, Canada
              Phone: 514-382-9824

            2. take 3

              1 street West of blvd L'Acadie between louvain and the Met on street called Charles de la tour there's 3 places that I know of. check map http://tinyurl.com/47j9wr6

              My favorites is BASSÉ (main store is now in Laval as mentioned by SourberryLily
              )9360 Charles de la tour 514-387-4568
              this place is with SERVICE and have all kind of nuts with the salted or unsalted options

              this one is further north
              Coconut Nuts Distribution
              9050, Rue Charles-De Latour 514-388-0066
              It's a SELF-service place. It's okay I guess but I like to be served.

              and the 3rd one is
              1565 chabanel corner of charles de la tour. 514-388-8003
              another SELF-service place. They have a large selection of grains and rice on top of the nuts.
              My least favorite place....

              off topic from nuts, there's also a bakery called achtaroute that has amazing kébé (kaybay) last time I went before x-mass. And if you are by car go to another great place called ANDALOS at their new location accross from the hwy15 on Lebeau street (see my post on it).

              Happy hunting

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                Coconut Nuts Distribution
                9050, Rue Charles-De Latour

                As mentioned above by maj is where I typically go, they roast in house. I find their products are fresh and decently priced although I imagine the others in the area are similarly priced.

              2. Wow, thanks for all the recommendations! I'll definitely check out some of these places.

                For those near Atwater or JTM, though, I do recommend the nuts stands there. I think they are both called "Les noix du marche".

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                  If I'm not mistaken, the "noix du marche" guy is at Jean Talon in the summers only, and Atwater in the winters only. So if you go to JTM looking for him now, you won't find him...

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                    Thanks for the tip, and sorry for the misinformation!

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                      no misinformation just schedule conflict ;)

                      I think that the Acadie area nuts place are the best price. Jean talon market and atwater are much more expensive by the pound.

                2. Milano in Little Italy (6862 St Laurent) has a good selection of nuts and dried fruits - my sister goes crazy there everytime she's in town and takes lots of little containers of nuts back to BC with her. I am not a nut expert (ha) but they seem fresh and high quality at Milano.