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Jan 30, 2011 07:12 AM

Flat White

Does anyone know of a coffee shop in the Austin area who does an Australian "Flat White"?

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  1. i was under the impression flat whites are from NZ, but at any rate...
    i am sure that any good/real place (ie, not starbucks) could make it for you.
    it's just a latte using the microfoam at the bottom of the frothed milk pitcher.

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    1. re: dinaofdoom

      They may serve them in NZ as well although I only spent a few hours there. I drank several hundred Flat Whites while in Oz. They're addictive although I can't tell you the difference between a latte and Flat White. I was hoping there's an Australian barista running around Austin.

    2. Flat whites are originally from NZ, although are ubiquitous in Australia too. I make 'em at home fairly well using my cheap little espresso machine. Prepare an espresso, pour it into a large mug, then foam up some milk and pour this on top. I bet a coffee shop would do a better job of it, and I wouldn't be surprised if they'd been asked before.

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      1. re: TAF

        yeah, i thought it was a reference to the land of the long white cloud...

        1. re: dinaofdoom

          I spent January there - drank lots of the flat white and consumed much Chowhound-worthy food!

          1. re: TAF

            i visited auckland in 2003 and wish i could go again sometime soon.
            usually i am not a big coffee person but drank lots of flat whites.
            the local dairy was really good.

      2. I'm not aware of any shop that explicitly sells a flat white. Infact, having never been to australia/NZ, I've never officially ordered one. But from all descriptions I've read, it seems to be close to a well done latte/cappuccino with microfoamed milk (not milk foamed to peaks like many places). Some places describe it as a latte/cap with milk steamed to slightly lower temp than normal microfoamed, or with less air introduced to keep it "flatter: and less bubbly.

        My recommendation would be to go to one of the better austin coffee shops like Once Over, Houndstooth, Cafe Medici , Frank's, etc., and order a latte/cap. If that's not close to what you want, just discuss how you want to modify the milk for your subsequent drinks (cooler, less foam, whatever). I'm sure they'd be glad to help, and I'm sure quite a few of the baristas in these places would have atleast heard of a flat white.