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Jan 30, 2011 07:07 AM

DB Bistro room question

Hi all. Coming into town for dinner/show, eating at DB Bistro Moderne one night. Its our anniversary....what room do you recommend ...front or back? I was planning on the requesting the front as it seems more relaxed and my wife hates "stuffy", but it is our anniversary...don't want to feel like I'm sitting in a bar. Let me know what you think...Thanks!

Also trying Ai Fiori while in town...should be a few nights of good eating :)

DB Bistro Moderne
55 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036

Ai Fiori
400 5th Ave, New York, NY 10018

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  1. I'm relatively indifferent between the two rooms. The back is probably quieter and more romantic (not that db is a particularly romantic place). But there really is not a huge difference between the two rooms.

    1. Definitely ask for the back room. The front room is more of a "cafe"--very casual. Unless you want very casual, the back room is more of the "restaurant". I had a problem with DB Bistro a few years ago because I had specifically reserved the back room, and they tried seating me in the cafe area in a room that was otherwise empty except for a family with young children, and they tried to seat me next to them. Just for sheer stupidity on the maitre d's part, I've never returned. The food was very good.

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        Thanks ellenost, I've just contacted them to request the back room.

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          I'm glad you went along with the room rec from my good friend ellenost as that would be my preference as well. They really are quite different -- almost like dining in two different restaurants. The food is excellent.

          Front room photo can be seen in this set:

          Back room photos in this set:

      2. I agree with ellenost. Cozy, would be more romantic if they dimmed the lights, but then it would be harder to turn the tables over!