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Jan 30, 2011 03:55 AM

Just discovered how delicious Calabaza is!

I needed a little vegetable sidedish to go with my turkey dinner so bought one of those cut hunks of Calabaza. I thought it was butternut squash when I saw it, and subsequently figured it must be similar; so roasted in olive oil, with some cinnamon, cumin, salt and pepper. Wow! Maybe I just hit it lucky, but it cooked up like custard, I couldn't believe the texture was so soft when I didn't do anything special. Hope it wasn't just beginner's luck! I will be buying more before the week is out.

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  1. I had to grin when I saw this. I, too, discovered Calabaza squash recently, when my husband went on a pumpkin pie splurge around the holidays and no pumpkins could be found after Halloween. The Calabaza subtitutes beautifully for pumpkin -- your observation that "it cooked up like custard" was no fluke. I've made pies and custards with it (it's wonderful with cardamom!), and muffins. I cut it in half, scooped out the seeds (rinse and roast with a little bit of salt -- kind of a popcorn texture!) and baked it (they are huge -- had to bake each half separately) with about an inch of water, for 1 hour at 400'F. The peel fell right off and left me with all this lovely pulp. I pureed it just to get out any lumps or strings and froze it in big yogurt containers. I'm pulling a container out of the freezer and trying cheesecake this weekend!

    1. Another fan here. Calabaza makes fantastic pudding and souffles too.

      1. Thanks, I am so glad that this wasn't a one time thing. I will be roasting this on a regular basis and then, oh the possibilities! Can't wait to try it in soup.

        1. For me calabaza just means pumpkin/gourd in Spanish. I googled to see if I got something in particular but I am getting a wide variety of squashes, not one kind. Can you link or attach a picture of the specific gourd that is called calabaza to which you are referring. I love gourds and would like to check it out. Thanks.

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            This seems to describe it pretty well. I see it all the time at my "ethnic" grocery store, cut into chunks, not at my mainsteam supermarket.

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              Awesome, I will be sure to check it out next time I go for groceries.

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                I'm getting more in the next few days too. Apparently it is good to get it already cut. My store likes to sell precut produce interspersed with the whole, they cut it all up themselves and it's really nice, but I always thought this was regular squash, since it looks like butternut, until my happy discovery the other day.