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Jan 30, 2011 03:06 AM

Seagrass remains a good value

and continues to serve satisfying and deliciously prepared food. An impromptu 'nite out' (can someone say 'cabin fever') had us visiting Ocean Grove to dine last nite as other 'local favorites' were nixed (based on icy travel or an inability to get a decent dining slot).

Arriving into OG is always a treat, and even with the piles of snow, the 'snapshot' that is downtown Ocean Grove is always one of beauty. All the street trees still had holiday lights as well as many of the homes along Main Ave. We entered the restaurant at 6:30 and by 7, Seagrass was full and it was lively inside - the room remains very relaxing with dim lighting, soft green walls adorned with modern artwork. Our server (whom I forget her first name - and is an Amanda Peete lookalike) was excellent as always (we always seem to draw her - and she quickly snagged my dessert later in the evening as we ordered and she indicating there were but 2 slices left - ran that to me and then returned with our coffees and other dessert a few minutes later.

We split the calamari appetizer that had a dish of a soy based dipping sauce - we always enjoy.

My wife had the Sea Bass w/drizzled red aioli along with sauteed spinach/sweet potato mash; I had the pan seared mahi with a nice vegetable risotto (at $21, an excellent value). The Gary Farrel '07 Pinot which was wonderful with the meal.

Desserts: chocolate genache filled banana wontons and a fresh key lime pie along with our coffees.

With weekends always seeming short (especially in winter), it was a nice evening out as we get ready for the work week and another pending snow event.

68 Main Ave, Ocean Grove, NJ 07756

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  1. I am pretty sure your Amanda Peet lookalike is Michelle and she is an absolute gem. We love her. All of the wait staff there is wonderful. What keeps us coming back again and again is not only the excellent cuisine and value, but Seagrass has become like going to a old friends home for dinner. The reception is always so warm and inviting. Repeat customers are remembered, even by the staff there is at the top of their game. Charming, delicious favorite of ours too.

    68 Main Ave, Ocean Grove, NJ 07756