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Jan 30, 2011 01:54 AM

Mango Tree or Patara? (London)

Have visited Patara on a few occasions and found it very enjoyable - but the last time I went was a good couple of years ago. The Mango Tree I've heard good things about but have never been.

Anyone been to either - or both - recently? Anywhere else you prefer instead?

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  1. no, not mango tree. pretty lame. instead, try 101 thai kitchen in chiswick.

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    1. re: howler

      Ta howler - any recs for food eaten there?

    2. If you're aiming for "upmarket", Sukho Thai in Fulham is good.

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        Aiming for 'nice enough for a birthday group table' - relaxed but a little bit special. Have you eaten at Sukho Thai? Any recs for dishes? Thanks!

        1. re: makecakenotwar

          It's quite small so I'd book well in advance if you're a big party. Be warned that you'll likely have other tables sitting very close to you so it's probably not the place for a lively celebration. But for a nice chilled out dinner I think it would be good. It's probably about twice the price of 101 in the post above, but that's a bit more like a canteen.

          We had some very pretty little dumplings - purple and green and flower-shaped. I had a seafood curry which had big prawns, juicy mussels, lots of squid and a couple of crab claws, in a ginger and cocount sauce with sweet chillis. Also the morning glory with birds eye chillis was great. About £35 a head for starter, main, rice, shared veg and a beer each.