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Hounding at the Chinese New Year Festival Monterey Park

BobtheBigPig Jan 29, 2011 11:18 PM

Did anyone else go? It was fun, but the rows of Chinese and Taiwanese street food I'd hoped for simply weren't there. THere were only a handful of vendors, and most of them were non-Chinese: BBQ, Italian, Middle Eastern, Thai, etc.—and the same names that pop up at every street fair in LA.

With so little to choose, the available stalls were mobbed. I got a skewer of curry fish balls from a popular stand which also specialized in some what they called "Hong Kong Pancakes" made in a waffle iron contraption. The "pancakes" looked like strings of small eggs strung together. The flavours were sweet: chocolate, strawberry, coffee.

I also had a nice Hot Pot from a place called Boiling Point. Peppery broth, mystery meat, cilantro, quail egg and my first stinky tofu, which I expect is eaten in Taiwan mostly on a dare.

Since it was the Year of the Rabbit, a man had a bunny on a leash; this was the highlight of my trip. Will try to get a photo up if I can figure out how.

Meanwhile, I'd say give this a miss for Chowhounding.

(Please note that th "Boiling Point" resto link that appears at the end is incorrect—this place is in Monterey Park, not Hacineda Heights).