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Dec 8, 2005 01:50 PM

How is Bread and Porridge?

  • j

Any recs for this place? How is their espresso? Or should I just head over to Doughboys?

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  1. I went there many years ago and I remember liking the whole set up. I think they had Vermont syrup for a few extra bucks too.

    Food was ok, not terribly impressed. I distinctly remember thinking that I'd rather go to the omelet parlor on Main. Which is why I think I've never been back since... maybe omelets aren't the thing to get there since the syrup is supposed to be so good...

    here's a students review on the place.


    1. they have great french pressed coffee..

      1. We would recommend this place as a pleasant and unique
        experience for breakfast as most breakfast places have
        so many common uninteresting factors.
        As was mention before, they have the French Press
        coffee servers, an old style country kitchen decor,
        they serve a small portion of a black bean sauce and
        salsa with the breakfasr entrees, and excellent service by waiters in black trousers, crisp white shirts, and bow ties.

        1. I would say that it's above average. Like the others said, the coffee is served in a French Press and I think that it's very good. Food is fairly standard, I thought, but higher quality than Snug Harbor, which is a couple doors down.

          I would also suggest trying Amandine, which is on Wilshire almost to Bundy. Their coffee is great and the omelettes, potatos au gratin and pastries are fantastic.

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          1. re: Jonah

            I second Amandine. More of a dessert/pastry place than a breakfast joint but it's very good.

            1. re: yokozuna

              Have you tried their omelettes? I think that they are much more than a dessert/pastry place, especially with those amazing potatos!

              1. re: Jonah

                Yes and also a really nice array of sandwiches, (a beautiful croque madam with a perfect sunnyside egg on top) and other lunch items. Great place.

                1. re: WLA

                  I'll take your advice and try it. I've always used Amandine to order my cakes and what not for birthdays and such.

          2. I went about a month ago, and was completely unimpressed. Service was sloggishly slow, and the food was pricey for what it was: not very inspired and rather standard breakfast fare. I enjoy Doughboys tons more.