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Jan 29, 2011 11:00 PM

Big Ed's BBQ

Anyone ever been to Big Ed's BBQ in Old Bridge? How is it? I'm thinking of going there soon.

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  1. Mediocre. Better BBQ can be had @ famous Dave's in New Brunswick IMHO, There is a new BBQ place on the North side of 9 in Manalapan that is being well received. Search the boards and you will find it.

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    1. re: angelo04

      I agree with Angelo04...another good choice is Jersey Shore BBQ in Belmar... years ago Big ed's tried to branch out with a few locations besides Old bridge.., Belmar & Waretown NJ both are long gone for a reason.

      Jersey Shore BBQ
      811 Belmar Plaza, Belmar, NJ 07719

      1. re: angelo04


        doesn't Big Ed's have a reputation for par-boiling and liquid there is no smoker on premise.

        1. re: fourunder

          I have heard that too and agree. Bottom line is if you are a hardcore authentic bbq enthusiast, this isn't the place for you. If you want ok ribs and bbq it is fine.

      2. It's not bad - none of the other places mentioned is AYCE. If you're in the mood to gorge on decent ribs, this is the place to do it. My friend (who's a huge steak snob) got a steak there recently and said it was really, really good. And they have some great game-day deals...

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        1. re: joonjoon

          "Gorge" is right--the last time I was there, all they had were "all-you-can-eat" platters which are fine if you're a lumberjack or football player, but when you're a senior on a diet, they are way overpriced for what you can/should eat.

        2. my sis swears by the pulled pork sandwich at Big Ed's !
          I just wish they had beef ribs there, lol !

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          1. re: ellen4441

            If it is as good as the pulled pork at the old Big Ed's that closed on Route 130 in Burlington, I have to agree! They had a great pulled pork sammich!

            It's a shame now that all the good BBQ in the area has closed. First Carolina BBQ in Hamilton, then Adam's Rib in Cookstown/New Hanover. -mJ

            1. re: njfoodies

              Never tried the other places but I'm afraid I could never consider Big Ed's Boiled BBQ as even approaching "good."

              1. re: equal_Mark

                Just to get on my soapbox here...some people seem to have a real hatred for boiled/non-smoked ribs....why? In my experience I've had terrible smoked ribs, and amazing boiled/oven cooked ones. Just because it's boiled doesn't make it suck!

                  1. re: equal_Mark

                    UPDATE on Big Ed's ! (from the mouth of my sister again)
                    She went there last night with my teenaged nephew for the $20.00 all you can eat RIBS ....

                    The nephew got served the full rack right away (12 bones), then got a refill,
                    which was 3 more ...
                    He wanted to take the last 2 home, cuz he got full, and was told "It will be $1.79 extra " .....

                    It left a real BAD TASTE in my sis's mouth !!
                    I DO understand where Big Ed's is coming from, as the server explained that large groups of people would come in , and BAG UP a lot of their leftovers..
                    (and, viola, they've got their lunch for the next day, lol )

                    Actually, I am used to seeing notices that say "NO DOGGY BAGS" for ALL U CAN EAT, which for me, just sounds better, less tacky...
                    IMO, BIG ED'S had the RIGHT IDEA, but they are a little MISGUIDED,..
                    (hey, why not let customers bag up that 1st refill, it's only 3 ribs we are talking about???) (and that would be 15 ribs total, including the original order)
                    (they can certainly part with 15 ribs for the 20 bucks , huh ?!?)

                    Hey, rules are also meant to be bent at times, at least on a case-by-case basis... ... , like in THIS case, lol ...
                    we are talking about ONE teenaged kid taking home 2 ribs , NOT a huge group PILFERING !
                    btw, SIS got the pulled pork sandwich, not the ribs...

                    the summary was that she did not pay the $1.79 for bagging up the 2 ribs, cuz nephew said they were TOUGHER than the 1st batch, anyhow, and not worth it..

                    p.s. my sis could NOT stop RAVING about the place beforehand....
                    but she does have funny feelings now...
                    pps .... She also noticed that business there seemed way off since that TEXAS ROADHOUSE opened in nearby Old Bridge..
                    (another factor in her reasoning that they could've given her a break, as they were'nt breaking the doors down to get in , lol )

                    pps.... I've been there before, the brisket and chicken did'nt do much for my tastes, but I loved the atmosphere...
                    and WISHED they had BEEF ribs !

                    1. re: joonjoon

                      The new AYCE sushi place in Middletown (another thread) has a sign that you will be charged for not finishing your food.

                      1. re: cantkick

                        wow, I could go broke in a place like that AYCE sushi joint in Middletown, as I tend to be a waster ...
                        (but I'm getting better about it )

                      2. re: ellen4441

                        Sorry Ellen,I don't agree.
                        Profit margin's is already razor thin as it is and if they make an exception where does it stop? I believe that a nominal fee for the leftovers is better than the usual no doggy bag policy, at least it will properly be eaten instead of discarded by the restaurant.
                        As for Texas Roadhouse? I would rather patronize a owner operated restaurant such as Ed's who has been in the neighborhood for years than contribute to another mega chain who serves swill to diners who believe doggy bags are an American's given right.

                        Texas Roadhouse
                        2299 N 2nd St, Millville, NJ 08332

                        1. re: Duppie

                          I hear ya, DUPPIE, as I'm not even sure exactly what side I am even on...
                          cuz, I do understand where they're coming from...
                          I do like your wording that a "NOMINAL FEE" will fee charged; that would be nice way for them to put it ..
                          and you've got another good point about making "exceptions" ; it does get too much...

                          I was NOT really that surprised , like my sis thought I would be..
                          and I do APOLGIZE that these posts of mine are "3rd party", not a firsthand account... (hence the amateurish look and feel...)
                          I am very active here on Chowhound , including posting a lot of pics...
                          (Vegas, NJ, Florida, L.A., food pics, etc) ... but my SIS tends to stay more private,
                          rarely writing on any websites..
                          however, since she definitely knows how much of a "foodie" website gal I am,
                          she requested that I relay her experience to my fellow Chowhounders ..

                        2. re: ellen4441

                          I think it's ridiculous to expect an AYCE place to be ok with you taking leftovers home without some form of compensation. Can you imagine what would happen to their margins if every guest decided to take an extra couple ribs home?

                          If it were up to me people would be charged for leftovers regardless of what they do with it.

                          1. re: ellen4441

                            Am I understanding correctly that he was already served these ribs and wanted to take them home? So what are they going to do, take them off his plate and give them to someone else???? They either have to go in the trash or go home with the customer. Either way they can't reuse them!!!

                            1. re: MichelleM131

                              I believe my issue with this scenario is that the young gentleman only had 1 bone of a 3 bone second order before deciding that he was indeed full.Then after realizing that there would be a small surcharge to take the balance home, the second order suddenly became "TOUGHER" than the first one.
                              The fact that this a second hand account and that all caps is used to emphasize what the author considers to be her bullet points does not bode well as to the credibility or source of the incident .

                              1. re: Duppie

                                Yeah, it would be one thing if he wanted to take the last 2 ribs from the first plate, but to request seconds and then eat ONE rib and take the rest home? Doesn't sound right.

                                1. re: joonjoon

                                  I hear you, joonjoon....
                                  guess in this case, truth is stranger than fiction ...

                                  BUT, I think NEXT time I am gonna tell my sis that she needs to get on here, and fight her own battles !! (aka, give her own "Food for Thought")
                                  I don't want to make any ENEMIES on here, espescially for something that I was'nt even there for ...

                                  I understand that relaying a secondhand story is not the best way to go about things, and I do not want to lose whatever credibility I have built up on here..

                                  1. re: joonjoon

                                    My 15 year old nephew is just a kid, and did'nt really know the AYCE system;
                                    all he knew is that he was suddenly getting full....(and had enough of the tougher batch)

                                    I guess with the AYCE , most people feel funny if they DON'T order at least one more serving, it's the law, right, lol !?!

                                    and knowing my sis, she probably said "Why don't u just take them home then?"
                                    At that point, he should've said "don't bother, it's okay, they were a little tougher this time" ....

                                    1. re: ellen4441

                                      Forgive me ellen4441 but the young gentleman is 15 years old not 7 and should have an inkling of how a AYCE works, and even if he was a bit fuzzy on the etiquette, where was his mother?or was she fuzzy on the rules too?
                                      Look,I don't think we're here to beat you up but I for one have a problem with the outraged attitude on a policy that is pretty much a given at AYCE's everywhere.

                                      1. re: Duppie

                                        I hear ya, once again , Duppie...
                                        yes, my sis was fuzzy on the AYCE rules , as well....
                                        (she is used to buffets, espescially Vegas & AC ones, and would'nt even think of bagging up anything there)

                                        But, my sis was in for a rude awakening on the AYCE $1.79 policy ...!
                                        I see both sides of the picture, and do not have the same outrage...

                                        She figured it was just 2 ribs they were bagging up, but yet, every time 5 people do that, that's 10 ribs out the door adds up !!!!

                                  2. re: Duppie

                                    you make good points, espescially in your first sentence, DUPPIE ...
                                    I do feel that if they were tougher than the first batch, he would've been better off just leaving them there in the 1st place, anyway...

                                    Regarding my caps for bullet points, I tend to post like that almost all the time, anyway, and I am very credible... no worries... peace to ya !

                                  3. re: MichelleM131

                                    that was how my sis felt, too, MichelleM131...
                                    and I told her, "well , I guess someone's dog will eat well"....
                                    (yes, he was already served the 3 ribs)

                          2. re: njfoodies

                            The BiG Eds on 130 was the bomb for the price you paid. And owned independent from the Matawan place. RIP.

                            I've been to the Rt 34 restaurant and it doesn't hold a candle.

                            1. re: pktaske

                              I hear ya, pktaske ! We had a short lived Big Ed's down here in Altantic City area, (Mays Landing)

                              I just asked my sis to elaborate more, and she told me that the rib "refill" portion (the 3 ribs) were much larger, and more filling than that first full rack...
                              (that helps answer why my nephew may have suddenly got full...)
                              but yet, they were TOUGHER, too, like it came from a completely different mold...

                              Sis is standing by her feeling that Big Ed's should be willing to part with a total of 15 ribs(12 + 3) for the 20 bucks she paid....(AYCE policy or not)
                              These are her words, not mine....

                              happy Chownounding to all !! I am now off to Jose Tejas in Woodbridge for some super good Filet Mignon fajitas !!

                              1. re: ellen4441

                                I think they load the refills up with extra sauce because it fills you up faster. Next time, have the nephew specify "no extra sauce" when he gets the refills.

                                1. re: chuck98

                                  No the garlic rolls they put on the table when you arrive more than fills that purpose.

                                  1. re: Duppie

                                    lol, that's funny you mentioned those garlic rolls, DUPPIE ....
                                    as my sis said the waiter made sure to keep re-filling their garlic bread basket !!
                                    (another part of the "let's fill em up on bread!!" tactic, lol )

                                  2. re: chuck98

                                    hi chuck98,
                                    interesting point ! to (go light on the sauce next time)
                                    Actually, I'd never thought of sauce as being that filling b4, but it is possible...

                                    I have a feeling it was cuz of all the GARLIC BREAD they kept refilling,
                                    during the wait for the next portion of ribs !!

                                  3. re: ellen4441

                                    RE: my visit to Jose Tejas/Iselin,( woodbridge area)... 3-22-11, had some gr8 beef & chicken combo fajitas, a steal for $10.88 ! About 25 tables of people, even at 3 pm, with good reason !
                                    P.S. Unfortunately, I found out they had taken those FILET MIGNON fajitas OFF the MENU, so I got the SKIRT STEAK ones. ....

                                    1. re: ellen4441

                                      I am also in the camp that appreciates the guilty pleasure of Jose Tejas. It used to be one of my go to places with the kids, and while everything is decent and cheap, the only really chow worthy thing there was always the gumbo. Even now I would make the trip just for a bowl or two...

                                      1. re: seal

                                        and their blackened chicken is real good too! I sometimes get the "Rio Grande" combo (steak fajitas & blackened chicken on a hot skillet!)

                                        Yes, it's very kid friendly there, always see plenty of long tables with big families...

                              2. Big Eds SUX!!! I cannot stress this enough this is like TV Dinner BBQ. Beleive it or not Famous Daves is better and that is not saying much. I have heard about a BBQ joint in Englishtown that is supposed to be good I cannot remember the name. If you want good ribs (not BBQ) go to the Amish food stand in Colombus Market A bit of a trip but very good.


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                                  1. re: angelo04

                                    Route 206 towards Trenton in South Columbus. I haven t been there in probably 15-20 years, but I remember the Amish section had some nice rotisserie chicken ...there was also a stand that sold deep fried turkey tails....


                                  2. re: bklynsausage

                                    u mean Otis's , across from the Englishtown Flea Market ??? (basically it was just a trailer)
                                    I got chicken there once, it was decent, but no sign of Otis, nothing coming right off the grill...
                                    just young workers in the trailer , wrapping my chicken in tin foil...
                                    their pork ribs had a following, but were very pricey (like $25.00 for a full rack, if I remember correctly) ......
                                    However, a very very recent thread on Chowhound said that Otis's appears to be CLOSED now

                                    There is also MO 's on Rt. 9 by Gordons Corners Road....
                                    I went there once with my sis ... ...
                                    (and I've been meaning to post some pics on that thread)

                                    1. re: ellen4441

                                      looks like Otis has set up shop at a freestanding little restaurant in nearby Monroe...

                                      1. re: ellen4441

                                        Do you know where?

                                        I mean, I found this:


                                        But it's the old place inside the bagel shop, which someone reported closed.

                                        1. re: MarlboroMan

                                          Yes, I drove there a week or two ago as part of a bbq crawl. It was 2:00 or so on a Tuesday, Golden Bagel was empty and looked closed. The menus were down off the walls, etc. I was already full by that point, anyway.

                                      2. re: ellen4441

                                        Mo' Greens is superb! And it's less than 5 minutes from our house. While I've enjoyed Big Ed's, there's no longer a need for that 20-minute trip.

                                        Mo' Greens photos:

                                        Note: I posted my review on the Mo' Greens thread.


                                          1. re: robseifert

                                            robseifert - Are you referring to Mo Greens? If so' that was part of our BBQ Crawl a couple weeks ago, and is detailed here:


                                      3. The original comment has been removed