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Jan 29, 2011 08:42 PM

Looking for party room 30-40 people

OK, need a recommendation for a communion brunch/lunch location on a Sunday in May. Cobble Hill, CG, PS or Windsor Terrace are preferred areas. It could be a restaurant or party room to bring catering in. Most places we know are too small and are booming on a Sunday.
Thanks for your recomendations

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  1. Frankies 457. CH. Backyard, separate building. Very cool. Good for kids and adults. Beautiful in May, not today.....

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      great recommendation! we've hosted several office parties in the stable and it's always a hit. marcy, events coordinator, makes the planning process a breeze. i believe the stable is a max of 40 people, so weather is not an issue if you keep it under 40, since the stable is enclosed with heat. you even get your own bathroom. enjoy!