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Jan 29, 2011 07:40 PM

7 Layer Cake

I used to get 7 layer cake from Cake Masters (a long time ago). Does anyone know if there is anywhere where I can get a similar piece of heaven? What I am looking for is the same rectangle slice of cake with a hard (possibly semi-sweet) chocolate exterior and the yellow cake and mocha cream layers. I have gotten "icing covered" 7 layer cake from several places and they just don't taste the same. I currently live in Greensboro, so I would need to find a place that can ship. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!!!

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  1. I too have been on a quest for the 7 layer cake "of my youth," with exactly the same properties you describe. It seems the only places these are available now are suburban delis. The "best" (and this is a rather variable term, given the small pickings now around) is available from Ben's at this site:
    But I should warn you that a lot depends on the freshness of the slice you order, since it seems to be baked in 2-foot "logs," with each slice carved from this massive unit until it's finished. That's led to some pretty good pieces (if it's from the beginning) to rock-hard pieces from the end.

    1. It's $11.75 per lb, and I know they definitely carry it at THe Homestead Gourmet Shop in Kew Gardens in Qeens. It's the soft interior and choc ganache on the outside--rectangle logs--call them and see if they can ship to you.

      Homestead Gourmet Shop
      8145 Lefferts Blvd
      Kew Gardens, NY 11415

      (718) 849-1366

      Homestead Gourmet Shop
      81-45 Lefferts Blvd, Queens, NY 11415

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        Thanks for this lead. I will check with them later this week.

      2. Zabars has a version from some kosher bakery. I feel your pain, we used to get it @ Cookies.

        1. Your question reminded me that I asked the same thing a number of years ago. Plus I turned up more discussion. Ridiculously, I never followed up and have nothing more to offer.

          1. almost all of the kosher bakeries in brooklyn sell seven layer cake - on Avenue M you have Presser's, Weiss's, Kaff's, and Schreiber's; in Boro Park you have Korn's and Schick's, and a whole multitude of other ones that i can't name -

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              It's been a good 4+ years, anything change in the world of 7 Layer Cake?