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Jan 29, 2011 07:00 PM

Five foodies, three late nights in Tulsa

We are going to be in Tulsa for a few nights this week, staying downtown, and working fairly late. Where could we sit down after 9 pm for a relaxed, not-too heavy and interesting meal? We frequently just eat off the appetizer menu , don't want to eat food that is too rich, and are more interested in interesting and authentic approaches than food that tries too hard to impress. We all come from different cities, so there is nothing in particular that is too much like food from home. Any thoughts, hounds?

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  1. Well I guess it's too late to help you, but in case someone else stumbles on this several excellent restaurants have just opened in Tulsa. I think you would have liked Brady Tavern. It's more a bistro than a tavern, is only one-quarter of a mile from downtown, serves some elegant dinner entrees but also has several interesting "snacks" and small plates, and is open late, till around midnight daily (full menu might not be available that late).