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Jan 29, 2011 06:01 PM

Looking for recipe for English Tea scone

There is a type of scone sold in stores in the SF Bay Area by Sconehenge. They are called "English Tea Scones" and insanely good. The ingredients are:

Unbleached flour
Baking Powder

Does anyone have a recipe that might approximate these scones?



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  1. This recipe replicates your ingredients

    but to be honest this one is identical to the one my mother uses and to me epitomises the look and taste of a traditional British scone.

    1. There are a couple of other current scone threads. The ingredients look like the typical ones for a sweet, slightly enriched, bakingpowder biscuit.

      1. Assuming that your "English scones" are actually the scones we have in England, then this recipe is bang-on:

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          Americans distinguish between biscuits and scones. Biscuits have the flour, fat (such as butter), and liquid, but no egg or sugar. Scones are a bit richer, either with some sweetening or egg or both. They think of the richer ones as English, whether that is accurate or not. The Delia recipe partially fits this image, it has sugar but no egg. Self rising flour is available in the USA, but common only in certain areas. Most are still used to adding their own baking powder or baking soda.

          1. re: Harters

            I just made these to accompany my lemon curd for brunch. They were very, very good. Light, flaky and moist. I put chocolate shavings in half the batch for dessert scones later. I will make these often! Thanks so much.

          2. The Sconehenge web site describes:
            "English Tea Scones: Our most popular item, these are not like your average breakfast scone. Smaller, flakier, and richer, they go perfectly with tea or coffee. Packages include 4 scones, and flavors include:"
            Sounds like they are quite rich on the butter - maybe 4oz per 2c flour.

            A recent post on the 'Troubleshooting scones' thread has a link that tries to find the optimal butter and egg proportions. Keep in mind that technique is as important as ingredients when making biscuits and scones if you want them to be real flaky.

            1. Thanks everyone! I tried this one:

              It was pretty good - but needs more butter as paulj suggested.