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Jan 29, 2011 05:19 PM

TEMPLE - Red Bank

Located on Broad Street this new Chinese gourmet restaurant is simply wonderful. Small, intimate, and upscale with well prepared dishes that are delicious this BYOB is certain to be a success. The owner of this new gem is former chef and son of the owners of the Peking Pavilion restaurant on Rt 33 in Manalapan.

My wife and I started out with two appetizers; steamed pork dumplings (smooth, fragrant and delicious!) and hot green pepper calamari, fried crispy, tender with thin sliced hot long green peppers and scallions. Entrees were velvet shrimp with fresh vegetables in a light sauce....and white meat, tender chicken on a sizzling plate with black bean sauce, light and spicy. The portion sizes were excellent, service was very good and we will definitely be going back.

My wife especially liked the crisp white tablecloths that added a nice touch to this new addition to Red Bank. The bottom line of $55 for our meal before tip was a nice value for this dining experience. Reservations are accepted.

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  1. 91 Broad St
    Red Bank, NJ 07701

    (732) 212-8858
    Mon-Thu, Sun 11:30 am - 10 pm
    Fri-Sat 11:30 am - 11 pm

    no web/online menu yet

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    1. re: HillJ

      That's the old Torcello/Osteria Dante site, correct? Little Szechuan (though that's subjective, of course)?

      Little Szechuan
      2025 Old Trenton Rd Ste 15, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

      1. re: aklein

        Correct. I passed by it last night on my way to Dish and was wondering what it was. Thanks for the report Jerzey. I hope to give it a try soon.

      2. Per a recent article in Red Bank Green, the owner is Victor Kuo, whose parents once operated Peking Pavilion on Oakland Street. It doesn't sound like he is a chef because the article states that he hired one.

        Anywho...looking forward to trying it out!

          1. If it's anything like the original PP, or the "new" PP, it will be ok American Chinese food, at high prices- that said, PP in Manalapan packs them in. This said, we'll give it a go and see if it's the same, or highly improved. I would think the former...but we'll see.

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            1. re: sockster

              A friend of mine who loves american chinese went last night. He said it was the best he ever had. He did say it wasn't cheap, but he is sure to be a regular from now on.

              I plan on going soon myself too.

              1. re: seal

                Spent many nights at PP. Their food was always good...just crazy priced for what it was. Also, I prefer the Chinese of a West Lake, or Shanghai Bun- much more authentic....but that's what makes horseracing....

                Shanghai Bun Restaurant
                952 State Route 34 Ste 6, Matawan, NJ 07747

            2. Was looking forward to it, however was extremely disappointed. The service was far better than the food, the decor looked unfinished, the uni-sex bathroom, candle lit, but in a very bad spot. All in all about a step above (by not much) Crown Palace, minus the liquor license.
              Limited menu with non-creative fare. The appetizers were better than the entrées and that is always a no no.
              Not exactly the China Grille and many steps below Far East Taste.
              The advertising and marketing of a "gourmet" Chinese restaurant is really a bit of a stretch.
              Fortunately went down Front St. to Sugarush the new cupcake establishment for dessert which was spectacular and run by an incredibly friendly group of people.
              That made me forget the massive let down of Temple.

              Far East Taste
              19 Main St, Eatontown, NJ 07724

              Crown Palace
              8 N Main St, Marlboro, NJ 07746

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              1. re: musicbiz101

                Temple didn't wow me either.

                Sugarush cupcakes were far from spectacular. The nickel and dime method of ordering add ons was a real turn off and I'm incredibly confused that a successful bake shop in Washington, DC of the same long standing television name hasn't inquired about this new shop in RB.