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Jan 29, 2011 04:15 PM

Pizza in Naples

I am looking for the "can't miss" pizza places in Naples, Italy. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Pizza is pretty subjective. I'm fond of Da Michele. A late lunch before taking the train back to Rome works for me. I don't order extra cheese like many but I do order an extra beer.

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      +1 on all counts except the beer - sorry - not a beer fan! ;(

    2. there has been a lot of discussion of this topic (you could do a search). I personally liked both Gino Sorbillo and di Matteo on Via dei Tribunali - which you should walk down whether or not you have pizza there - its an amazing site for Naples history and life as well as eating (im talking about going down into the basement of an amazing gothic church and visiting a greek streetscape, or going into a little dusty looking chapel that has a wonderful Caravaggio alterpiece + possibly experiencing some random Naples streetlife, like someone breaking into song or playing an accordion, fresh hot sfogliatelle and fritti and di Matteo and other shops etc. Probably hard to get BAD pizza in naples - but the crust is the thing not the toppings - it has a more beautiful light rise than any other pizza I have had. As Ive said here before, I preferred the pizzas topped with friarelli (like broccoli raab) and sausage or even bresaola and rucola (both white pizzas) to the classic margherita or marinara but its a matter of personal taste.

      If you are going to be staying in Naples, there are pizzerias worth visiting all over the city.
      Here is an article that might give you a bit more of a feeling for the environment

      Here is a compilation of some of the pizzerias on the chowhound restaurant page

      There is a bit of a foodtalker's cult around La Notizia (part way up the Vomero hill) these days

      Naples is very food visit worthy beyond the pizza - on our second visit we didnt even HAVE any pizza. Enjoy!

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        Walking Naples is truly an experience. A good map, better yet a good hand-held gps goes a long way to getting around with some measure of efficiency if you're hunting down good pizza (streets are ancient and, for the most part, don't adhere to a grid pattern). Having said that, I love the place and recognize I haven't begun to scratch the surface. I'll keep at it until I get it right. As an aside, I love how some Romans characterize the people of Naples as pickpockets and thieves. My generalization of Naples is that it has the highest concentration of crazy drivers in all of Western Civilization. Upon further review, let me expand that to Asia, too.

        I'm looking forward to Grape Stomp's report. Pizza is very important.

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          We found our GPS very useful too, a few times finding restaurant in Naples on streets that were not on our maps, especially but we are still map people.
          Via dei Tribunali my pizza mecca is not too hard to find.
          No way is Naples as crazy as India . But I wouldnt want to drive in Naples - I dont think I could ever adjust to things like motorinos driving down the center line of the street. Contending with the motorinos on the little pedestrianized streets is excitement enough though it doesnt seem actually dangerous.

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            Drivers in Mumbai have little incentive to contribute to a greater whole, they go with the (disorganized/sluggish/glacial) flow. Drivers in Naples are rugged individuals who have raised story-telling to a high art as they attempt to exploit microscopic (both real and imagined) opportunities on city streets. I like Naples. Deb is not fond of Mumbai.

            I would caution pedestrians in both cities to look both ways before crossing.

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              sorry the traffic I experienced in india was manic, with high speed weaving in and out of a huge variety of vehicles. People regularly die in Delhi in bus accidents and the "auto" drivers risk their lives in those little exposed three-wheelers, not to mention the bicyclists, motorcyclists with their whole family on board and animal driven vehicles. Pedestrians can only get across the larger streets in a herd. Nothing in Naples approaches it. Also Italians are mostly skillful drivers, driving with panache not desperations. I will never forget the first ride I had in naples with a taxi driver who started out by asking me if I liked "song" and then carried me into the city with some wonderful music. A couple days later, I went down into Montesanto Sta early in the morning (Sat). They were playing Sinatra and Jazz through the station. Just a wonderful, wonderful city.

              And those branches of tomatoes hanging, slightly dried, in the vegetable stores, wonderful taste (this was March) I never found out what they were called and we saw nothing like them in the shops in late october..

              1. re: jen kalb

                Jen, I think you mean the pomodorini del piennolo. They are lovely, semi dried, slightly smoky. They are grown on/close to Vesuv and are a DOP product. I love them!

                1. re: vinoroma

                  Those sound incredible!

                  And it looks as if there is a festival for these piannolo tomatoes each September:


      2. 1. Trianon
        2. Da Michele
        3. Brandy

        I wish I could remember more restaurants. I literally only ate pizza for a week straight! Brandy claims to be the oldest in Naples, which is neat, but tere's definitely a tourist trap vibe and the pizza was the least exciting of the three.

          1. The can't miss places are undoubtedly La Notizia and Sorbillo, both of which have superior product sourcing. I also love the atmosphere at Di Matteo.

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            1. re: katieparla

              Adding some links

              Da Michele
              Via Cesare Sersale, 1, Naples, Campania 80139, IT

              Pizzeria Brandi
              Salita Sant'Anna di Palazzo, 1, Naples, Campania 80132, IT

              Via dei Tribunali, 32, Naples, Campania , IT

              Di Matteo
              Via Tribunali, 94, Naples, Campania , IT

              Via P. Colletta 46, Naples, Campania 80139, IT

              La Notizia
              via Caravaggio,94a, Naples, Campania , IT