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Jan 29, 2011 03:41 PM

Fresh Fish at Ventura Harbor

I just received this email. I posted the contents below. Please also see these two threads.

I did not make it out there before so I can't answer any questions about it. If I do go out there in February I will add to this post

The Ventura II fishing vessel is back! We will be selling our fresh fish at the Ventura Harbor the weekend of February 5-6th. Saturday 8am-4pm and Sunday 9am-3pm. For everyone wondering we unfortunately did not have a market in December, but we are back now with some great fish!
The market will happen rain or shine. Please remember cash only.

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  1. Sounds great ! Has anyone purchased fish here before ? any restriction on how much you need to buy ?

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    1. re: sdv231

      See this more recent post which should explain more to you.

      1. re: SIMIHOUND

        Last minute e-mail from the company. I will not keep posting about the boats. The company has a website and can folks sign up for email updates on their own.
        In his last two sets the had a higher catch of Mako Shark and Swordfish then usual, this surprise catch will be available along with our other fish at our market this weekend at the Ventura Harbor, Saturday from 8am-4pm and Sunday from 9am-3pm.

        For more information check out our website:

        Hope to see you there!

        1. re: SIMIHOUND

          Headed out there tomorrow - Sunday. I'll let ya'll know

          1. re: Kitchen Queen

            Went this morning . Nice fish. They had Ahi....10.00 per pound , Albacore (frozen) 5.00 per pound, Mako shark ....7.00 per pound, Swordfish....14.00 per pound, Mahi Mahi ( Dorado )....10.00 per pound, Opah.....10.00 per pound . All these prices are for cut fish. The prices for whole fish were much less. Spent about 200.00 for a nice selection, very satisfied

            1. re: sdv231

              THX sdv231 - I'll let you know what I find - the smoked Ahi sounds intriguing esp. the pate!

              1. re: Kitchen Queen

                Well, I went and partially conquered. Seems one MUST get there on Sat to have all the choices. By the time my cohorts and I arrived this morning (11ish), all but Ahi and Opah was gone, gone, gone. We each bought both. Nice healthy amounts, think, rich, beautiful cuts. The staff is kind and helpful and packed well our fish with ice. Recommend still bring a cold case of some sort. We had our igloo with cold ice inside. Made for a really lovely day too. I brought a bottle of wine and we all had lunch at Andrea's after our purchase.

                The Opah went in the freezer right off (to make next week for Mother's Day) but, I did have some Ahi sashimi -it was absolutely delish.

                10$ a pound for most fish. We came home with 39$ worth. All fish is prepacked and the staff will NOT repack to make smaller amounts. Once the bags are sealed, they're sealed. Also met a chap there who's going to head a "Spiny Shrimp" catch sometime soon.
                Both vendors opposite side of building where Andrea's is located .

                Well worth the effort to go there! :)