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______ cheese bake?

I looked in my refrigerator and I realized that I have a lot of cheese (particularly sharp cheddar, fontina, gruyere) that I need to use up!

Besides the obvious, mac 'n cheese, do you hounds have any favorite "________ cheese bake" recipes you'd like to share? It'd be nice if the recipe was vegetarian friendly. Thanks for your help!

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  1. I like to cook a whole eggplant in the oven, scoop out the pulp, and top with shredded cheese and bake till bubbly. You can add chickpeas to the eggplant mixture.

    To cook the eggplant- wrap a whole eggplant in foil, pierce a few times with a sharp knife, place on a cookie sheet. Bake till the eggplant is collapsed and very soft- about 1 hour.

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      Eggplant stuffed with cheese sounds amazing!!!

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        not what I was describing above, but eggplant suffed with cheese IS pretty awesome. I've made mini eggplants stuffed with vegetables and mozarella. It's really good, and not so unhealthy.

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        yumm, this sounds delicious. I think I may have to give it a try!

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          yum -- cheese and eggplant is delicious. i have a "country-style" recipe involving diced and peeled parboiled eggplant, shredded cheddar, crushed ritz crackers and ...yes...cream of mushroom soup. instead of the soup, you could use some roux and mushrooms, with a little veggie broth.

          i'm not a casserole hater, and could eat on this for a week! ;-).

        2. I know it's not a bake... but it really sounds like it's time for fondue.

          You don't need a fondue pot if you have a small crockpot, that will work too.

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            This is exactly what I was thinking! I use both fontina and gruyere in my fondue.

          2. Cheese strata, but instead of milk/cream in the custard, use tomato soup for 2/3 of the liquid.
            Toast the bread first. An homage to grilled cheese and tomato soup.

            1. If you feel pressed to use the cheese before it spoils, do this: Throw it in a ziploc and freeze it. Then you can use it for any cooking application later. I keep cheese in my freezer until I am ready to make "100 cheese" fondue, gratin, mac-n-cheese, whatever.

              The caveat with freezing cheese is that you are changing the texture by doing so. But you will also do so by cooking- so you can realistically only cook with cheese that you have frozen. Just thaw completely before using.

              1. Grilled tomato with cheese.
                Cheese souffle
                Cheese soup
                Superbowl dips
                Chudder, cheese & butter spread
                Texas toast

                1. "potato with cheese".

                  parboil some nice yukon golds, then peel, slice, layer into a gratin dish, add some cream and thyme, maybe jalapeño, plus your grated cheeses ( gruyere and fontina would be good), then sprinkle with bread crumbs and maybe some grated parm & bake till bubbly. there is no greater comfort food.

                  1. You could throw any kind of cheese in and on a baked ziti type dish. Tomatoes, meat, spinach, pasta.. or lasagne noodles.. mushrooms, eggplant. Just layer up a bunch of stuff and bake it.

                    1. Vegetable cheese enchiladas with homemade red sauce... fill 'em out with any veggies you like - last time i included onions, green chiles, and oddly enough, shredded carrots...

                      1. Potato-Mushroom Cheese Bake.

                        Shred the cheeses and add them to a béchamel sauce flavored with a little Worcestershire sauce, layer in a baking dish with sliced potatoes, sautéed mushrooms, sliced hard-cooked eggs (optional), add some buttered bread crumbs and bake. Hearty, filling...not diet food, but great in the depths of Winter! Roasted/steamed Broccoli on the side. :)

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                          *drool* this recipe is right up my alley! sounds so comforting, especially with the grey weather outside!

                        2. Not a bake - but when I saw your post, I immediately thought of this recipe http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/al....

                          1. Saw Jacques Pepin make Fromage Fort once and it looked really good. Here's a good recipe for it. http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/fr...