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Jan 29, 2011 02:02 PM

sao paulo dining?

Any recommendations for restaurants that specialize in fish? Thanks! We'll be staying in the Pinheiros/Vila Madelena area.

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  1. An affordable fish and seafood restaurant with great moquecas is ; it's close to Eldorado Shopping Center .
    If you would like to go upscale , you should try Figueira Rubayat. It's in Jardins area, it can be close to you depending on where in Pinheiros you'll stay. They have meat dishes and feijoada as well, so they don't have lots of fish
    Another upscale restaurant in Jardins, this one specialized in fish and seafood is
    Do you like sushi? Sao Paulo has excellent sushi and japanese restaurants, where you can have either raw fish or grilled.