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Jan 29, 2011 01:04 PM

Looking for a wedge salad!

Hey all, I'm in Westchester County and my lady friend is craving a wedge salad w/ blue cheese, anyone know where I can find one?

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  1. Do you mean a wedge of iceberg lettuce? If you do, just about every steakhouse offers one and Buen Amici (which is an Italian restaurant in White Plains)

    1. Benjamins Steakhouse in Hartsdale has a good one as does BLT and in WHite Plains

      1. Ruby's in Rye has one that is terrific!!!

          1. Thanks so much for the help everyone! Ended up going to BLT's, very nice place. My lady loved her salad and I enjoyed a delicious steak but I think my favorite was the popovers they give you first!

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              the popovers at BLT are the best...

              1. re: kaaaassss

                Popovers and a salad - that is a perfect meal. I'll havet to get over there!