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Jan 29, 2011 12:20 PM

Monroe City/Hannibal MO - grocery stores, etc?

Hello my dear hounds. Looks like I'll be moving to the Monroe City/Hannibal area for the summer. I'm spoiled by Trader Joes and I know there isn't going to be one for 90 miles, but is there anything grocery-wise I can look forward to? Or maybe a farm with a big road-side stand open to the public? Flea-market/farmer's market? Mexi-mercado?

Dare I ask about restaurants...?


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  1. Yikes...I think County Market is the best it gets in Hannibal, that's a Quincy-owned chain and it's ok. Better in Quincy is Hy-Vee, there is one on Broadway not too far off of I-172. There are a few threads on dining in both cities, Quincy is more than twice the size of Hannibal, and not surprisingly, there are more dining choices.

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      *sigh* I was afraid of that. :(

      Thanks for the reply. Quincy will be about a 50+ minute drive, which sounds like will be worth it for a once or twice a month stock-up of decent stuff. I just hope there is a farmer nearby!

      1. re: creativeusername

        There are farmer's markets in Quincy, one at the mall and one downtown (this is what my Mom tells me, haven't lived in Quincy for a long time). I am sure locals can tell you if there are some good farmstands nearer you - I imagine there are, I am just not aware of location or dates they are open.

        Good restaurants in Hannibal from what I know are LulaBelle's, La Binnah, and I have had pretty good meals at a little pizza place downtown whose name escapes me. Quincy has Tiramisu (obviously Italian, very popular), Jorge the Crook (which I have heard spotty things about lately and is the priciest of the Quincy choices), Patio (good steaks and chops in a time-warp atmosphere, downtown in and old residential hotel), and there is a new place called Thyme Square Cafe that looks very promising, lunch and dinner, at Washington Sqaure. Uses locally sourced ingredients and chef has worked at some fine places in St. Louis. There are several other sandwich-type places downtown, and more opening up soon. I always found Lakeview on East Broadway to be a pleasant, affordable meal. Hope this helps.

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            Sure, let me know if I can help with anything else.

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            Fyi, we went to LulaBelle's in downtown Hannibal last night. Bad. Bad. Bad. Granted, I should have known better than to order Ahi Tuna in Hannibal Missouri, but in my defense they listed it on the menu as sushi grade. My guess is it came out of a costco bag and for that reason I should probably be glad they cooked the snot out of it. My husband ordered the 16 oz prime rib, to which the server exclaimed "Jesus!" I guess she thought his choice was excessive. It too was a disappointment. Flavorless and ordered medium rare but delivered well done. The salad was acceptable. We won't be back.

            111 Bird St, Hannibal, MO 63401

            1. re: creativeusername

              Yikes, sorry to hear this. Haven't been there in many years. Seems like the Woodside dining room and La Binnah might be good choices, if expensive, especially for the former, but caveat emptor on the rest. Try Quincy for greener dining pastures.

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                Interesting about the New London place...never heard of it, but then I am not in Quincy much anymore, let alone New London. Have you made it to any Quincy restaurants? Any reviews?

                1. re: ddfry3

                  Went to Hy-Vee in Columbia last week and after almost 2 months in a void, I went into sensory overload! Hannibal needs one of those!! I will be making a trip to Quincy for Hy-Vee from now on. Our first trip that way will be next week, hopefully to catch the Tuesday farmer's market. Will be on the lookout for good pizza. What's the deal with all these Mexican/pizza places...that's just weird. Any recommendations? How is Pop's Pizza?

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                    We took a road trip to Quincy today to catch the Tuesday edition of the farmer's market. A dissapointing 5 vendors (picked up some amazing cheese though!) so we headed to HyVee for what we thought would be as good as Columbia. Notsomuch. Clearly a town that cannot support people with good eating habits, and I guess because it was Illinois, way more expensive. We had intended to hit Pop's Pizza but left Quincy before 9am, chalking it up as one more town we don't need to see again.

                    We returned to Hannibal and, on two separate recommendations, tried the pizza at Cassano's. It's...I don't know...'weird.' And strangely expensive for what you get. Tiny thin crust (but not thin in a NY Style good way...thin in a commercially pressed kind of way) served on cardboard, cut into 2 inch squares. Just...weird.

                    Looks like once monthly trips to Columbia for groceries and still on the hunt for good pizza.

                    Cassano's Pizza & Seafood
                    2860 James Rd, Hannibal, MO 63401

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                      Well, Columbia is a big college town, and a population of at least 1


                      2C so not surprised there is a disparity between the Hy-Vee stock. I would try farmer's markets again a little later in the'll never be dozens of vendors, but there will be more to choose from, also, you should try South End Plants and Produce on 12th, and usually there is a produce stand at 33rd and State.

                      Still, from a dining standpoint, Quincy has much more to offer than Hannibal, and I would suggest the following%3

                      Thyme Square Cafe, at Washington Square (locavore place, breakfast and dinner)

                      Patio (good steaks and chops in a time-warp 50s atmosphere, also downtown)

                      Tiramisu (pretty good Italian)

                      The Pier (right on the riverfront)

                      Cassano's is way forgettable, they have one in Quincy. The local fave is Gem City Pizza or Tower of Pizza, thin crust with an addictive sauce and toppings of your choice. Tower would be more convenient for you, it's on Broadway between 33rd and 24th St.

                      Try Talayna's in downtown Quincy for pizza, also.

                      I would also suggest the Hy-Vee on Harrison over the one on Broadway. Take I-172 from Hannibal, get off on 36th St, take to Jefferson, turn left and go 2-3 miles, store will be on your left.

                      1. re: ddfry3

                        Thyme Square had their one year anniversary today!

                2. re: ddfry3

                  I assume the little pizza place downtown you speak of was Brick Oven. We went tonight. Hallelujah, there is real pizza in Hannibal!! I mean Italy real. Like the 'people who don't know that pizza isn't supposed to be perfectly round would be disappointed' kind of real. Husband ordered a calzone and it was great too. Ingredient list might say "peppers, onions, olives" but it's roasted red bell peppers, carmelized onions, and kalamata olives. Good meats, real fresh mozzerella, fresh basil, a swirl of oilve oil before plating...nice...very nice. My small pizza was $9. Next time I'll skip the mediocre $3 salad and $7 dessert and upgrade to the $15 large pizza. Really lovely restaurant and I'm happy that they are open 7 days a week.

                  Hoping to get to LaBinnah Bistro soon...

                  Brick Oven
                  207 Center St, Hannibal, MO 63401

                  1. re: creativeusername

                    I am really glad to know about this place!! thanks for posting!

            2. Hey there we're cool in the area: Fiddlesticks on Hwy 36 just west of Hannibal. Wanderlust? Try The Junction on Hwy 19 southwest of Hannibal near Mark Twain Lake. Or, The Pear Tree at Bevier, Mo on Hwy 36 near Macon (voted "The Best of Missouri" several times - and expensive). Don't gain weight!

              The Pear Tree
              222 N MacOn St, Bevier, MO 63532

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                I found Fiddlesticks to be just ok, sort of a local TGIF with a lower budget. Thanks for reminding me of the Pear Tree...don't they have another location in Kirksville? A reputable source told me it was mob-controlled. True?

              2. Went to Mama Mia's, a little dive on the Hwy 61 frontage road in New London. I had read some surprisingly good reviews on yahoo which had me intrigued. It's not worth a drive from St Louis or anything, but I can see myself returning once, maybe twice a month for the lasagna and homemade pie. Husband had some kind of sausage stuffed pasta (started with an s...looked like little pouches) and he enjoyed it alot, but not as much as we both enjoyed the lasagna. The pies might be worth a drive from St Louis though, homemade and a large selection. The ambiance is homey and welcoming, the service (one server) was fabulous, and the price was right (two entrees with salad/soup, tea, and two desserts = $34 before tip). Not much on the menu other than lasagna though. I mean....there is LOTS on the menu that caters to the local crowd, but I won't be trying the 3pc fried chicken dinner or the cheeseburger sub. They have pizza but I won't try it based on what I saw on the adjacent table. Looked a little too fluffy for my NY style taste. Open Wed-Sun.

                Mama Mia's Restaurant
                17067 Sundance Dr, New London, MO 63459

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                1. re: creativeusername

                  Do you know if the pie crust was home made? We'll have to give it a try when we go that way.

                  1. re: wekick

                    I don't know, my husband had the chocolate pecan pie and my bite was center...and I had cobbler (more of a crumb topping than cobbler, but good). I'll find out for you when I go back.

                2. Have you been to Clarksville, MO? There is a lovely little restaurant there that will be worth a drive from Hannibal, and probably better than what you can get in Hannibal. It's called the Clarksville Station. IT's right on the Mississippi and the town is extremely charming. It's on Highway 79, which is a beautiful drive anyway, and definitely one of the things you should do as long as you are in this area.

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                  1. re: IndyGirl

                    I'll second Clarksville Station, there are also a number of nice little artisan shops downtown (when they aren't flooded, not sure what their state is now with the Mississippi being high). Indeed, probably better than anything in Hannibal with the possible exception of the prix fixe dinner at the Garth Woodside, which I have never done.

                    1. re: ddfry3

                      Yes! Then there is also the Eagle's Nest in Louisiana which is between Hannibal and Clarksville. So glad to see some of my old-time stomping grounds here!!

                      1. re: ddfry3

                        Oh, and, Clarksville Station has been protected from the last couple of floods thanks to sandbagging. Also, it's across Hwy 79 from the Mississippi, unlike many of the other shops downtown which haven't been so lucky. So that helps.

                        1. re: IndyGirl

                          Clarksville MO is now on my list. Thanks!

                          1. re: creativeusername

                            We drove to Clarksville by way of Louisiana yesterday. Had an extraordinary dinner at Clarksville Station. Lovely property, quirky eclectic gift store, and a fantastic dining experience. Huge and fresh salads. I had the Missouri lamb shank on polenta (super creamy...must have been with chevre) with kohlrabi and leek gratin...YUM...and husband had the enormous Berkshire pork chop on cabbage and asparagus with jalepeno/yam/duck confit spoonbread. Equally yum. Dessert was the flourless chocolate cake and lemon cheesecake with garden fresh blueberry compote. Drinking water and tea only, the bill was a mere $70 plus tip. The Clarksville Station wowed us. Thanks for the recommendation hounds!

                            Clarksville Station Restaurant & Emporium
                            901 S Highway 79, Clarksville, MO 63336

                            1. re: creativeusername

                              Great to hear, sounds like a great dinner. It's been at least a year since I have been there (live in the St. Louis suburbs), but it's been very good whenever there. There are two inns affiliated with the restaurant if ever looking for a quiet getaway. I particularly recommend Cedarcrest.

                              1. re: creativeusername

                                I'm glad to hear that too. We have gone there several times since it opened. There have been quite a few chefs come and go. The last time we went it was not so great but this is I think the 2nd or 3rd chef since then.

                                1. re: creativeusername

                                  SO glad you tried this place! It's truly great!

                                  Be sure to check out the whole little downtown area when you return. A really lovely place, though small. and it is notorious for the large numbers of bald eagles who hang out there in the winter, especially in January. Worth a return for many reasons. Anyway, I am so glad you loved it!!! I know the meaning of good food in that area!

                        2. Grocery update!

                          On a lead I went hunting for an amish farm/bulk goods store about 20 minutes north of Monroe City. It is north of Hunnewell Lake/Emden just west of the corner of Z and 168. Beautiful pies, eggs, butter, spices, grains, jams, etc. While there I saw a flyer for raw goat milk and inquired. The lady running the store picked up the phone, asked if she could send us over for some milk, hung up, and told me to go back onto 168, cross the road, then pull into the dirt driveway for the house. I knocked on the door and was met by a young amish lady with an ice cold 1 QT mason jar. ($1.50 and currently on my counter becoming kefir...yum!)

                          After that, we went southeast of Monroe City to the tiny town of Center where we found a butcher. The Center Locker mostly provide services for wholesale but they do have a retail fridge where we bought local grassfed beef and some pork. Great prices, nice folks. I didn't see what I was looking for in steaks so she went to the back and cut it for me. Can't wait to try the ribeye tonight!

                          After our outing we went to Hannibal hoping to try LaBinnah Bistro but they were closed. I hate it when a restaurant's website lists 7-day dining and then decides to close on a whim. Grrrrrr.

                          I have yet to be able to get to the Tuesday afternoon farmer's market in Hannibal. The visitor's bureau advertises it as Wednesday but the banner in the park says Tuesday. If I can't get there today, I'll be there next week.

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                            If you make it to Quincy again....and maybe try some of the other dining recs, there are some meat places to check out. One is Butcher Block, right downtown on Maine Street, the other is Ed Kabrick beef, in Plainville, a tiny town similar to Center, it's probably 30 minutes from Quincy or so. We used to get meat from them to put in our chest freezer years ago when my sister and I were still living at home. Not sure how they are these days, but might be worth a look. Also, Johannes Meats in Quincy has been around a long time, and should be a solid choice.
                            Here's a link to Butcher Block: