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Homemade Crackers? Preferably cheese nips...

We've tried to cut out processed food almost completely, but I adore Cheez-Its or Cheese Nips or whatever your brand is. I found a recipe on kingarthurflour.com for cheese crackers, but they call for cheese powder, which defeats the purpose of the "no processed food" attempt (though at least I could make them without food coloring, which is more my worry than some of the other ingredients...)

Any recipes for homemade Cheese Nips out there? Or other cracker recipes while we're at it. I'm adaptable...

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  1. Haven't tried it, but these look quite promising.


    1. With that basic recipe, you can do many variations. At a friend's just the other day, I had her version of the basics cheese-flour-butter cracker. She had rolled them into a 'cookie' style roll, sliced and baked them in rounds. She had plain which she served with port jelly dolloped on top. To the other half of the dough, she had added a tbsp of the Lipton onion-soup mix...they had an added crunch and were really excellent. They may break your rules, though.

      1. King Arthur's Cheese Powder has no food coloring, and though it is dehydrated cheese, I don't think it is more processed than raisins or dried cranberries. Around here we can also get Cabot Cheese Powder which is cheese, plus some anti-clumping agent.

        1. Maida Heatter's cheese pennies are an elevated version of Cheese Nips. Make them without the sesame seed topping.


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            hmmm... this points to the Egyptian protests. Would you be willing to try again?

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              Not sure if this was the link roxlet meant to post, as there are a few blogs out there with Maida's recipe, but this the same recipe roxlet was writing about. 1/2 lb grated cheddar is about two cups, or just weigh the cheese first. Be sure to use extra sharp cheddar:


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                Ooops, sorry about that link, which I had just sent to someone. bushwickgirl got it right -- that was the link I meant to post!

            2. Check out December Food & Wine, The Oat & Cheddar Crackers. I made two batches of these at Thanksgiving and everyone who tasted them asked me if they were Cheez-Its. You blend the Oats so the crackers are smooth. I used salt instead of the sugar on the tops. My second batch I added a little Cayenne to the salt for those that liked a little kick. They were gone quickly.


              1. Here's a basic cheese straws recipe. I wonder if you could just make Cheez-Its cracker shapes instead?

                Cheese Straws

                1 pound sharp cheddar cheese, grated
                1 3/4 cups flour
                1/4 pound butter, creamed
                1/2 teaspoon salt
                1/4 teaspoon red pepper

                Cream butter, add cheese, salt and red pepper, then flour. Place in cookie press or roll thin and cut into narrow strips four inches long. Bake in 350 degrees F. oven 25 minutes or until light brown. Makes about 100 cheese straws.

                1. The cheesiest crackers I've ever had are Frico, which is just cheese. Preheat oven to 375 (do not use convection). Place release foil or silpat on a baking sheet. For small frico: Use a rounded teaspoon to mound grated Parmesan (the real stuff) and tap down a bit. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes, until golden and bubbly. (Pam is expensive, so check your oven just in case). Remove to a plate lined with paper towel or brown paper. I've also made them with other cheeses and they are good, though some end up greasier than others. If you like mild cheeses, I'm told you can do this with American slices, cut into pieces.