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Jan 29, 2011 11:07 AM

ISO Macapuno coconut strings in heavy syrup

Can anyone tell me where I might find this in the Boston area? I'm looking to make this recipe: for Bibingka.

I've looked in Reliable Market in Union Sq. Somerville, because it's the closest Asian market, but did not find it. Would H-Mart carry this?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. The erstwhile Super88 (now Hong Kong market) in Allston definitely has recently carried jarred macapuno, sometimes also labelled as "sport strings", or "freak coconut". (I add the "has recently carried" qualification, because they don't seem to be restocking the flipino aisle very much-- some items, like our favorite brand of spicy bagoong, have disappeared after a brief and glorious appearance). Kam Man in Quincy also has it (though if you're heading there, you might as well go to Sure Pinoy market nearby to check first!)

    It's possible that H-Mart might also have it- they tend to focus on Korean things and not SE Asian items, but they do carry filipino vinegar, fish sauce, etc., and also some SE Asian shrimp and fish pastes. I can't remember seeing it, but I probably wouldn't have been looking. It's not the first place that comes to mind to check, though!

    And hmmmm, we may need to try this recipe! Bibingka doesn't usually have macapuno in it, but it sounds really good :) (It does usually have some grated cheese on top, though- I think I'd have to add that :) ) It's often baked in a banana leaf, which you can sometimes also find (frozen) at HK Market and elsewhere

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      btw, I think you can just barely manage to see the jars of it on the shelf in the photo on Sure Pinoy's website :)

    2. man that dessert looks yummy

      1. That is completely unlike any bibingka I have ever seen... That said, it does look good. However, the best thing about bibingka is the salted egg that is usually embedded in the cake. Cooking it in banana leaves also imparts lots of flavor.

        Second Adam's recs for places to buy macapuno. Sure Pinoy surely has it as well as Kam Man.