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Jan 29, 2011 10:53 AM

super bowl question: beers from Wis and Penn?

Having our second annual party and want to get the right beers. Are there Wisconsin and Pennsylvania beers I should know about?

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  1. troeginators! well, they're double bocks, but... Troeg's makes a TON of good beers, but they win awards for the Troeginator. (makes a good stew ingredient, too)
    and Lindeman's makes a nice framboise...

    1. The bigger names in Wisconsin breweing include: Capital, Central Waters, Sprecher, and New Glarus. My favorite beer amongst the bunch is Sprecher Black Bavarian Schwartzbier. I've tried a variety of New Glarus and have never beer super impressed although their Moon Man American Pale Ale is attractive.
      In regard to Pennsylvania Superbowl beer suggestions, Pennsylvania Brewing Co out of Pittsburgh come to mind first. What's widely available will be their Penn Dark, Gold, Pilsner, and Weizen. None are bad. As for my favorite Pennsylvania breweries I favor the east end of the state and would suggest the following larger ones: Victory, Stoudt's, Sly Fox, Weyerbacher, and Troeg's. Grab whatever you can get from any of these breweries.


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        I like the Sprecher, too. They also make a very nice Bavarian hefe. New Glarus is definitely hit-or-miss, but I did enjoy the Stone Soup and the Old English Porter. Stoudt's Scarlet Lady is one of my favorite beers - wish we could get it out here.

      2. For Pennsylvania, Yeungling---may sound Chinese, but it's German. And, if I recall, if not THE oldest brewery in the US, one of them. Quite yummy, and a fave with my Naval Academy Midshipman and his buddies----can't keep enough of it in the house!

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          Good call for one brewery out of the state. They have lager, black & tan, and porter.

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            Yeungling is the second oldest in the country, after one in Boston.

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              "Yeungling is the second oldest in the country, after one in Boston."

              Uh, the one in Boston went out of business in the mid-1950's. Someone* came along 30 years later and adopted the name - otherwise no connection.



              But, back on topic, the current Boston Beer Co. does operate the largest brewery in Pennsylvania.


              * Well, OK- it was Jim Koch, not Samuel Adams as some believe- he was dead- and not a very good brewer anyway - or, some claim, never a brewer at all, just a maltster.

          2. Two PA faves: Yuengling and Victory.

            1. The most common Wisconsin beer outside the state is probably Leinenkugel's, which of course is owned by SABMiller, but nevertheless still is run with the active involvement of Jake Leinenkugel. Dick was sidetracked by a stint with the Wisconsin state government, but may be back now.

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              1. re: Jim Dorsch

                A better choice than Leinie's may be some of the brews of Stevens Point. They have a nice lineup of ales, Marzen, and seasonal varieties. New Glarus brewing is also available in northern IL.