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Jan 29, 2011 10:44 AM

What's For Dinner? Part 70 [old]

Welcome again to our groaning table - what is that you've got bubbling on the stove? Tell us all about it - make us drool and help us make something wonderful tonight!

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  1. I am so juiced that the weather has turned grew and misty again! It means I can braise and bake and wear thick socks all day, with a little mood music and perhaps a fire later on.
    First off, I am making more lamb riblets. Because I love them and they make me smile. That will be tomorrows dinner, when our "storm" really comes in. (Not sure it will be more than a drizzle, they say a thunder storm is possible, but they always talk big and deliver low).
    For tonight, I have Afghani food on my mind. I have squash, ground lamb, yoghurt, fresh mint and ripe pears on hand. I'd like to come up with some dish that encompasses a few different one's I've had at The Helmand in SF.
    I want to roast the squash and have it with both a meat sauce and the cool garlicky yogurt sauce, and I'd also like to caramelize the pears and maybe serve them with the braised lamb tomorrow.
    I know google is my friend, but do any of you have suggestions for recipes? I thought about making the leek ravioli too, but don't necessarily need all that.
    Also, the meat sauce is usually beef, but lamb is what I've got. It's going to be a lamb degustation kind of weekend.
    eta: the dishes I'm trying to emulate are some variation of kaddo borwani and aushak. Not sure what the roasted/candied pear is called, or how they do it.

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    1. re: rabaja

      i love your lamb riblets - they were such a yummy inspiration! both your meals sound fantastic. sorry, can't be of much help, i'm sure others will be...

    2. Long awaited girlie dinner party tonight. On the menu is the last-thread-mentioned Proven├žal-style fish en papillote, with fennel, little sweet cippolines, cherry tomatoes, herbes de provence, fingerling potatoes, salt cured bitter olives and some type of white fish, not sure which yet. to start will be a riff on (I THINK CHRISTINA MASON'S??) salad of pomegranates, beets and clementines, but i think i'm using ruby grapefruit instead (with pepper, inspired by that thread). Apps will be some spanish cured sausage sliced thin, served with acme toast points, and a mushroom pate. dessert will be some kind of deconstructed (because i can't do it the real way!) tarte tatin thing in combo with a cheese plate ... don't know how that will look yet. Aperitif will be bubbly and pomegranate syrup!

      i'm going to take another crack at aioli today, for the fish .... better get cracking! wish me luck.

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      1. re: mariacarmen

        mc, do try that aioli again. Sis Lisa gave good advice; when it seems counterintuitive, add More oil. And then when it thins, add more again. The incorporation is the key. You need to beat the living crap out of that aioli, and then when you're thinking you're done, you need to beat it some more before you add more oil. The way you'll know is, look at the surface of your emulsion. It should be fully blended. There should be NO film, no bubbles.
        Buy some good mayo, and thin it with a little EVOO and lemon and garlic. It will taste most excellent and get you past the aioli hitch, if there is one. Maybe if you are very very good today and don't swear so much, it'll finally happen. : )
        Oh, and thanks for starting the new thread, btw. I was gonna try my hand at it but was truly hoping someone else would do it. And someone, was you! Yaaaaaay you!

        1. re: mamachef

          thanks Mamachef - i will try and be very patient and add sloooooowly. and then add more. and resign myself to the store-bought if it doesn't work out. no swearing. well, not on this board anyway.

          and SCORE - local fishmonger had some beautiful looking "fresh wild black cod (butterfish)" - that's what it said. looks great. they said it was from somewhere on the east coast, tho, so i'm wondering if it can really be fresh and not actually previously frozen? or just on ice? regardless, it's WFD, and i can't wait to try it.

          1. re: mariacarmen

            I have good luck with my smallest regular (not mini-prep) food processor with both sauce rouille and aioli. You know that little hole in the top of the thing you put inside the feed tube? I hope I'm making sense, but probably not. In any case, the part that goes into the feed tube has a very small hole in the bottom. If you pour your olive in there it automatically comes out in small drops. It emulsifies beautifully! Good luck!

            1. re: KailuaGirl

              I think that was a design feature of Cuisinarts from the first and was specifically intended for mayonnaise making. Nice of them!

              1. re: buttertart

                I agree. I think I had mine for over a year before I discovered what I could do with it. It was such a relief not to have to "drizzle in a thin stream" by hand! :-) Along with the aioli and sauce rouille, I do use it for making mayo, too, as well as salad dressing.
                Oh, and I guess I did make some sense. You understood what I was talking about. :-)

              2. re: KailuaGirl

                oh yes, KG, well acquainted with that feature. i am trying to make it by hand. i actually had it yesterday (tho i "cheated" - my sister was coaching me on the phone and had me put in a tsp of already prepared mayo to start. it was coming alone fine,using just a whisk, then i added a little water to thin it out, per instructions, and had switched to the immersion blender, when it broke. it is sitting in the fridge right now, along with last week's batch, as a reminder of my failure!

                other than that, dinner turned out beautifully!

            2. It was a bowl of Raisin Bran for me last night for dinner - just didn't feel like cooking these past few days. But after running errands all day (and getting in some kitty snugglets with my sister's cats when I went down to feed them this morning!) I'm *finally* in the mood for cooking. Well, I'm also in the mood for tapas and sangria, but my budget, such as it is, was shot all to hell with the veterinary bills from last week. So maybe I'll make an appearance at my fave tapas restaurant *next* weekend.

              Chicken is WFD. I have some piri-piri spice mix that a coworker brought back from southern Spain. I'll mix it with a bit of olive oil and schmear it all over some b/s chicken breasts. I think might be a nice counterpart to the vegetable dish I'm making as the side dish: African Vegetable Stew. Picked up a nice small bunch of red Swiss chard and some sweet potatoes during my errands, and this popped into my head as having not been made in a LONG while. It's *great* with grilled chicken, so I'm thinking perhaps I'll pull out the Calphalon grill pan and figure out a way to fit both it and a large fry pan on my stovetop. :-)

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              1. re: LindaWhit

                Yum, LW! That sounds very appealing, especially in combination.

                1. re: buttertart

                  It was very nice. And rather than pan-grilling, I decided to bake the 3 chicken breasts in their piri-piri olive oil marinade, spooning it over top on occasion to keep it moist. They were VERY moist! The rest of it will make for some nice work lunches this week (of course, we're expecting yet ANOTHER snowstorm mid-week, so who knows if I'll get there on Wednesday since it's supposed to be very icy!)

                  1. re: LindaWhit

                    I bet! and same here, ice storm expected, oh no, I'd take another foot of snow over ice any day.

              2. Homemade pizza with whole wheat crust...part plain cheese, part with just roasted red peppers and black olives, and part with "the works" onions, roasted red peppers, black olives, turkey pepperoni...looking forward to it, along with a glass of Italian red. (I need to get better about learning the names of the wines I drink, I guess. I'm already pretty good at drinking it! But I really just go to the local wine and spirits store and tell them what I'm eating, and ask them what I should have with it, and they never fail me:) for dessert, I made Weight Watcher's recipe oatmeal raisin cookies as well as a flourless chocolate orange cake, that is not Weight Watcher's but is not too bad either. It, however, is supposed to be cooled overnight before eating. We shall see:)

                1. Homemade bratwurst sausages with German mustard, kartoffelsalat served warm and cider vinegar coleslaw (already made the coleslaw and know that it is not a traditional accompaniment but we like it!).