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Jan 29, 2011 09:51 AM

Hash house vs Hash house ago go

I've heard Hash house being mentioned before as one place to check out while in Vegas. Are these two the same or do they refer to different places? Which would you recommend?

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  1. They're different places. I had a very confusing conversation with my brother-in-law when he was talking about Hash House and I was talking about HH-a-go-go.

    Never been to Hash House but bro-in-law and sister liked it. Sounded like a standard breakfast joint.

    HH-a-go-go is good. Very gigantic portions. There's one on Sahara, in the Imp Palace, and the M Resort. I think the original is from San Diego.

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      ah I see, thanks for the clarification zippyh.

    2. Hash House features upper-Midwest-style breakfasts, with hashes, house-made preserves, homely desserts, etc. Hash House A-Go-Go has a much bigger menu, is open for dinner as well, has gigantic portions, etc. They couldn't be more different.

      Hash House
      2605 S Decatur Blvd Ste 103, Las Vegas, NV 89102

      1. Went to the HH au gogo at the Imperial Palace for dinner. Ridiculous portions. High fat, and pretty tasty. Some Adam Richmond references on the menu. Fried chicken and waffles pictured here.

        1. Hash House is a local gem. Hash House a Go Go is crap.

          Hash House
          2605 S Decatur Blvd Ste 103, Las Vegas, NV 89102

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          1. re: Friend of Bill

            Amen brother. I love their homemade preserves, especially the habanero jelly.

            Oh my!

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              Haven't been there for years, but I didn't care much for their hash. Everything was chopped up so fine....almost that the meat had little flavor per bite, same with the potatoes etc. I think I'll go back just to try those homemade preserves, however. Any other recommendations from the menu, BESIDES the hash?

              1. re: jackattack

                I always get get chicken fried steak and eggs. Good gravy. Good home fires. No need for luggage on wheels for leftovers a la HHAGG.

                Inexpensive. Great value. Home made food. What's not to like?