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Jan 29, 2011 09:35 AM

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer in "antique green?"

My mom bought this mixer in the late 90's. It's the Ultra-Power model with a 300 watt motor. It came with a 4.5 qt bowl as well as a much smaller one (3 qt?) I picked it out because it's the same color as the one Martha was using at the time. I received it as a gift from her after blowing through 2 artisan mixers in 3 years. It's held up much better than the others, despite taking more abuse than the other two combined.

What the heck is this color called and why can't I find photos of it online? I think it's fantastic, and although I'm fed up with KA's customer service, I'd like to find other appliances in this same color family to replace the red that I'm currently sporting. I believe that this particular mixer is one of the junky Kitchenaid built stand mixers, not one of the indestructible Hobarts.

Any human KA encyclopedias here?

It's not the "green," "pistachio," or the new robin's egg blue-green that Martha's been pimping lately.

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  1. I just found this one on eBay:

    It's "green apple." What do you think?

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      Upon googling the "green apple" color, it looks like that's a poor rendition of the color that I've seen online. The following link makes it look a LOT brighter, and the description says it's brighter than that too. Mine has a lot more blue in it than that photo.

    2. The original comment has been removed
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          It's definitely not pistachio. A family friend has that color and the pistachio is way too light and doesn't have the same color tone.

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                She did a line for Kitchenaid. I think it's discontinued.

          1. LaureltQ, I don't know the color, but have you tried posing the question on Kitchenaid's Facebook page? Try using the 'Discussions' tab.

            Many of the longtime posters of KA's Kitchen Conversations forum migrated over when KA moved to FB. They really are a knowledgeable bunch, plus, there is a rep from KA who answers questions - maybe they can look up your serial number to see if it has a color associated with it?

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                There's a photo in the original post. Were you unable to view it?

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                    Oh lol..I thought that was the pistachio...