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Jan 29, 2011 09:10 AM

oyster po boys

Anyone know where I can get a decent oyster po boy within reasonable driving distance from New Brunswick? Thanks.

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    1. Unless theyt are shipping bread up from New Orleans daily it just won't be the same.

      1. Triumph Brewery in Princeton has them on their menu occasionally, but they weren't there IIRC last time I visited. Instead I opted for a scallops po' boy, which was a big mistake. World's smallest scallops (less than 1/2" diameter) and the "tomatoes" on the sandwich were some sort of stewed tomatoes or re-constituted sun-dried tomatoes and turned the entire sandwich into a tomato-y sauce mess with no detectable scallop (or any other) flavor.

        I've found the food at Triumph to greatly vary in quality from visit to visit, unfortunately. I've had the oyster po' boys that were great, and other times just so-so. Once, it was served as a large sort of "patty" of breaded oyster meat. Their fish 'n' chips is another "variable" choice and getting very expensive, as well. I see they're back to serving those horrible "batter dipped" french fries, as well.

        I'm there for the beer, and often skip food for a few months after a poor meal.

        1. update - after buying oysters and doing it myself, it turns out Doll's Place in New Brunswick has them.

          Doll's Place
          101 Paterson St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

          1. 7 Spring Street
            New Brunswick, NJ 08901

            They have an amazing Shrimp Po Boy and many other excellent Cajin dishes and gourmet sandwiches made to order. Highly reccommended as you will not be sorry!

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              Not sure if this place is new, but the APP has a "get $40 for $20" deal today for it. It's in Belmar. No Po Boys, though, that I can see.


              1. re: MarlboroMan

                Place has featured some good live music for over a decade, but the food is MEH at best...


                Late August. AC was not working; windows & doors open. Seriously had a NO vibe. This was the day before Katrina hit New Orleans...