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Morningstar Corndogs are BACK!

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A hooray heard round the world. After a temporarily leave of absence, these yummy faux corn dogs are back.
Vegetarians, Meat-eaters, I've never met anyone who's tried these and didn't like them.


Who else is psyched about this?

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  1. Are they really that good? Or like, if you can't eat the real meat ones, they are okay? I've never tried them. (and am not a vegetarian.)

    1. Yes! I saw them at my local Bi-Lo today and nearly had a heart attack from joy! I scoured the freezer section for the plain hotdogs- no luck. They had they mini-corndogs too, though I don't remember ever having those.

      And yes, they are absolutely delicious! They taste just as I remember. I have fooled meat eaters with these dogs before. I myself think most fake meat is mediocre at best (and obviously fake). Although these dogs are definitely still a processed food product, I imagine they are much better for you than the real meat kind.

      1. ME! They are YUM! Remind me of my school cafeteria. Pure nostalgia but a lot healthier, low fat, and vegetarian. We have them at Walmart and HEB in Texas. I bought 4 boxes when I saw them.

        1. Schweet! My kids LOVE them.

          1. Any idea whether they'll be bringing their "regular" hot dogs back on the market too? I believe they disappeared at the same time the corn dogs did; they were my favorite mock dog!

            1. Wow! I have been pining for these and didn't know what happened to them. Thanks for letting us know! I used to buy them for myself but my boys discovered them and would eat a whole box at a time, so I had to buy several boxes (thankfully they are now adults and have to stock their own freezers!). We all also loved the Buffalo chicken nuggets...you'd never know their products weren't real meat. Have you tried Quorn brand products? Not quite the same, but I enjoy the taste and knowing they are similar to mushroom. Just wish these companies would decrease the sodium in everything.

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                I have always loved all the Quorn products, even though they can be pricey. I read something recently that shed a different light on their food. It seems that the "mushroom" based mycoprotein is actually derived from a fungus. Now I just find it weird.


                It's too bad, because their "beef" crumbles have a texture that is pretty dead-on. I have fooled many carnivores with my potluck chili.

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                  Many mushrooms are a fungus as well...like 'tree ears' in Chinese cooking. I have decided that I need to embrace a lot of things (NOT ALL!!) that are not what we are accustomed to eating in America. I have embraced the Quorn! :) My biggest complaint with so many of these frozen foods is the sodium content. Maybe the manufacturers will read our comments and take them to heart...for OUR hearts. Thanks to you, I am going to try the Quorn crumbles for times when I want to take a meat break.