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Jan 29, 2011 09:02 AM

Morningstar Corndogs are BACK!

A hooray heard round the world. After a temporarily leave of absence, these yummy faux corn dogs are back.
Vegetarians, Meat-eaters, I've never met anyone who's tried these and didn't like them.

Who else is psyched about this?

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  1. Are they really that good? Or like, if you can't eat the real meat ones, they are okay? I've never tried them. (and am not a vegetarian.)

    1. Yes! I saw them at my local Bi-Lo today and nearly had a heart attack from joy! I scoured the freezer section for the plain hotdogs- no luck. They had they mini-corndogs too, though I don't remember ever having those.

      And yes, they are absolutely delicious! They taste just as I remember. I have fooled meat eaters with these dogs before. I myself think most fake meat is mediocre at best (and obviously fake). Although these dogs are definitely still a processed food product, I imagine they are much better for you than the real meat kind.

      1. ME! They are YUM! Remind me of my school cafeteria. Pure nostalgia but a lot healthier, low fat, and vegetarian. We have them at Walmart and HEB in Texas. I bought 4 boxes when I saw them.

        1. Schweet! My kids LOVE them.

          1. Any idea whether they'll be bringing their "regular" hot dogs back on the market too? I believe they disappeared at the same time the corn dogs did; they were my favorite mock dog!